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Chapter 223: Unable to Distinguish between Right and Wrong

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As soon as he heard Li Sinuo try to say that Yun Xi had been involved in the theft, Teacher Xu couldnt help but jump to her defense.

“Yun Xi has been discussing academic topics with me in the office right up until the principal called me, so when had she been able to come up here”

“Teacher Xu, I know you have always been biased toward Yun Xi, but Im telling the truth.

She really locked me in here.

I also am completely surprised that she would come in here to steal things…”

The homeroom teacher promptly refuted Li Sinuos slander.

“I do not believe for one second that Yun Xi would do such a thing.

She was in my office just now, and other teachers have also seen her there.”

The principal understood the situation with Yun Xi.

In the final year of high school, the teachers and indeed the school itself were judged according to their schools college entrance exam passing rate.

Moreover, his higher-ups had specifically instructed him to give this student special care.

Why would she do such a thing

The principal was also afraid that if a mistake was made in this situation, he would be held accountable by his higher-ups.

He turned to look at Yun

Xis homeroom teacher and asked, “Teacher Xu, what is going on”

“Yun Xi was studying in the office with me just now, and many other teachers have seen her there.

Therefore, there is probably some misunderstanding going on here.”

Upon seeing their homeroom teacher be so protective of Yun Xi, Li Sinuo felt both angry and jealous.

She had been locked inside and had been shouting for so long that her voice was hoarse, but her homeroom teacher didnt bother comforting her.

Now, as soon as that wretched girl Yun Xi was involved, Teacher Xu defended her unconditionally.

“Teacher Xu, I can understand why you are partial toward Yun Xi.

After all, she has received very good grades.

But you have to distinguish between what is right and wrong, dont you”

“As a homeroom teacher, I wont allow one student to frame another student.

Since you dont believe me, then you can ask Yun Xi.”

Teacher Xu glared at Li Sinuo, then turned around and went downstairs to find Yun Xi.

Liang Xinyi also hadnt expected Li Sinuo to be locked in the room.

Shed clearly seen Li Sinuo bring Yun Xi up here.

Who wouldve thought that she was so useless that she not only failed to scapegoat Yun Xi, but shed also gotten herself locked in by that wretched girl.

She was so stupid.

However, by now managing to frame Yun Xi, she could also achieve the same goal, so Liang Xinyi guessed she wasnt that stupid after all.

After finally managing to scapegoat Yun Xi somewhat, Li Sinuo had looked at Han Wanling with a guilty expression, but Han Wanling had maintained a sullen expression.

Han Wanling looked at the principal, who was standing on the sidelines.

“Principal, since the police have also arrived, and they have determined that one of the students in the school has stolen the laptops, lets check what we have lost.

If the culprit really is one of the students in the school, we should be able to get the things back.”

“Okay…” The principal asked several teachers to go with them to check.

When the inspection was over, Yun Xi and Teacher Xu, followed by Yang Lu, had arrived in the multimedia classroom.

“Principal, we lost six laptops, all of which were donated by Miss Han.

The estimated value is about 40,000 to 50,000 yuan.”

Losing the things that the sponsor had donated while she was still in the building was definitely shameful.

The principal looked extremely embarrassed.

“Miss Han, we will definitely get the police to handle this matter properly.”

“What does the principal plan to do with the thief” Han Wanling glanced at Yun Xi, who was standing behind the head teacher with contempt on her proud face.


Before the principal could finish speaking, Teacher Xu jumped into the conversation.

“Principal, Yun Xi is right here! You are all saying that she stole those computers, but why dont you give her a chance to explain”

When Li Sinuo saw Yun Xi, her eyes shot daggers into her, as if she couldnt resist the urge to burn a few holes into her face.

“What is there to explain I clearly saw her steal the stuff before she pushed me in and locked the door.

She is the thief.

Policemen, catch her quickly, because she is the thief!”

Stepping out from behind her homeroom teacher, Yun Xi stood there silently, and her cold eyes surveyed the group of people around her.

Her clear eyes finally fell on Han Wanling, and they gleamed coldly.

She stood there calm and self-assured with such composure and dignity that the people around couldnt help but do a double take.

Such a girl, who had the poise of a role model and such gracefulness, really didnt look like someone who had the guilty conscience of a thief.

The accusation of theft really didnt fit her persona.

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