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Chapter 222: Call the Police!

Yun Xi was in the homeroom teachers office discussing poetry appreciation with him when the principal called him.

The voice on the other end of the phone was very loud, so Yun Xi was able to hear approximately what was said.

On the other end of the phone, the principal was saying that Liang Xinyi had seen a thief enter the multimedia classroom.

He was asking all the teachers who were at school today to rush to the principals office.

The multimedia classroom was full of valuable electronic equipment, including the dozen or so highly expensive laptops that had just been donated by a benefactor that very day.

If the word got out that there had been a thief at the school before the donors had even left the school building, it would ruin Jingdu High Schools reputation.

The principal would have no idea how to explain the situation to the donors.

There seemed to be a lot of noise coming from the principals office.

Liang Xinyi was purposely yelling extremely loudly for fear that everyone else wouldnt hear what was going on.

Feeling completely embarrassed by what was happening, the principal shot Liang Xinyi a vicious glare, then got up and called all the other teachers who were still on duty at the school.

Han Wanling had been waiting for Liang Xinyis yelling to come to the door to see the principal.

Seeing that her plan was going smoothly, she gave the principal some advice.

“Principal, if there really is a thief, then you should call the police.

Perhaps the thief hasnt run far yet, and the police will be able to retrieve the things, so that the loss can be minimized.”

The principal didnt know what had been stolen or how much loss there had been, so he wasnt in the mood to entertain guests at the moment.

On the one hand, he didnt want to suffer public humiliation in front of so many people, but he was also worried that he would be held accountable for what had been stolen.

He had no choice but to call the police.

Several more homeroom teachers rushed over after they too had received the principals call.

When Teacher Xu saw Liang Xinyi standing in the principals office, his face immediately got dark.

This student of his never did any good deeds; she seemed to always have something nefarious on her mind.

At this moment, she was standing right in the middle of the action, so no doubt nothing good was going to come of this.

The police arrived very soon after, so fast that even Han Wanling wondered if they had been staking out the school.

The police chief shook hands with the principal.

“We rushed over after receiving your call.

Now, we must first confirm the missing items, then check the surveillance cameras to see what the suspect looks like.

That way, we can send out a notification to each district.”

“There is surveillance in the school” Han Wanling looked at Liang Xinyi nervously when she heard the police say this.

Liang Xinyi also shuddered.

It hadnt been too long since shed arrived from the countryside, and shed only discovered what surveillance cameras were in the military district compound.

She hadnt seen any surveillance cameras in the school at all.

Liang Xinyi couldnt help feeling nervous as she thought that she might have been captured by the surveillance cameras.

But once that wretched girl Yun Xi was caught, Liang Xinyi must find a way to prove Yun Xis guilt.

No matter what, they had to sabotage the surveillance footage.

All she could do now was hope that she had been lucky, because if she was photographed stealing something from the multimedia academic building, there would be no way she could prove her innocence.

The principal was immediately relieved when he remembered that there were surveillance cameras.

“Yes! I just had surveillance cameras installed a few days ago.

Thank goodness theres surveillance, otherwise it wouldnt be easy to catch this thief.”

The policeman stood up, saying, “Well, in that case, lets go to the place where the things were stolen so that we can check on the lost items.

After, we can check the surveillance footage.”

As soon as the group walked over to the fourth floor of the academic building, they could hear shouts coming from a distance above.

The police rushed up quickly, and the principal frantically entered the password to open the multimedia classroom door.

As soon as the door opened, Li Sinuo froze upon seeing the principal and the police rush in.

When Teacher Xu saw that it was a student from his class, he walked over in surprise.

“Li Sinuo, what are you doing here”

“Teacher Xu…Principal…”

After grasping the situation that she was in, Li Sinuo frantically reoriented her thoughts, looked toward her homeroom teacher with an aggrieved expression, and stammered, “Teacher Xu, I followed Yun Xi here.

I watched as she stole a lot of things.

When I caught her red-handed and was about to report her to you, she pushed me in and locked me inside.

If you hadnt come just now, I dont know how long I wouldve been locked in here!”

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