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Chapter 199: Lived up to Your Expectations

With the refined and tasteful makeup they had applied on her face, she appeared elegant and sophisticated, classy and graceful.

Somehow they had managed to make her appear like a cultivated lady to admire, but at the same time a down-to-earth girl next door.

The crown on her head had been made by hand by an expert craftsman.

Her dress had been hand-embroidered by Ling Jing and his seamstresses, and the feathers on the dress were imported ostrich feathers.

The dresss exquisite patterns and the special meaning behind them made the entire garment seem extraordinary.

Yun Xi had to admit that Ling Jing had a unique vision.

Whether it was his ability to choose the right people or his talent in design, he was really a genius.

It was no wonder that the entire Mu family felt enthusiastic about his designs and were dying to possess them.

Ling Jing finally got away from the busy front desk and returned backstage to see Yun Xi, who had changed clothes.

He was dazzled when he saw her.

Seeing him staring at her, Yun Xi turned around from the mirror and clasped her hands in front of her, looking at the man in front of her solemnly and quietly.

“Whats wrong Is something inappropriate”

She saw a flash of surprise in his eyes, an incredulous astonishment.

“No…you look perfect! This is exactly what I wanted!”

Ling Jing looked Yun Xi up and down with excitement several times.

He couldnt resist the urge to give her a few more glances.

“Yun Xi, you are the perfect interpretation of Mu Ge! This is the Mu Ge I had in my mind!”

It seemed as if this was the first time he had ever seen someone who perfectly embodied his work.

Ling Jing was both moved and excited, and he could hardly control his emotions.

“Im glad Ive lived up to your expectations!”

Yun Xi smiled, her eyes dazzling in their minimalist makeup.

“I am looking forward to the finale.”

Ling Jing tapped the folding fan in his hand, gave her a few last words of advice, and turned around and walked out of the backstage area in order to call Mu Feichi.

If Mu Feichi missed such a perfect moment of the woman he was in love with, knowing Young Marshal Mus temper, he might just demolish Ling Jings design office.

As the show began, the venue gradually became quiet, and the melodious sound of a zither started playing in the background.

By the time Mu Feichi had arrived at the venue from Mu Mansion, the show was well underway.

He sat in the VIP position at the very front, where he could clearly see the models walking the runway.

It was the best location in the venue, since it gave a birds-eye view of the models coming from backstage to the runway.

After a while, accompanied by smooth music, a figure slowly walked out from the back for the finale.

When Yun Xi came out from the backstage on the right and walked to the middle of the runway, many people in the audience could clearly see her.

As she slowly walked down the runway, the audience on both sides of the catwalk gradually got a look at the dress Ling Jing had chosen for the finale.

The design of the traditional Chinese dress incorporated design concepts of modern dresses, as the exquisite contours of the elegant dress hugged the curves of her waist.

The wavy dress covered with feathers fluttered as she walked, and on its long trailing tail, the byzantine patterns seemed to come alive.

There seemed to be faint halos on the dress under the spotlight.

Sitting near the stage, Mu Feichi recognized the figure walking on the runway at a glance.

Her calm and graceful face appeared dignified and confident, and she walked slowly step by step with her hands clasped in front of her.

He felt as if he was seeing the lady who had returned from Nirvana in the mansion south of the Yangtze River amid the misty rain.

She seemed like a noble and omnipotent queen.

She had light makeup on her face, while the bold eyeliner brought out her bright eyes and made them appear dazzling.

She had both the innocence of a girl and the refined elegance of a woman.

There was a certain fierceness and solemnity in her eyes that was way beyond her years, and it blended perfectly with her youthful face.

She was his woman, his little Yun Xi.

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