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Chapter 196: Dont Try to Do Things Beyond Your Capabilities

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The lady who ran the noodle shop brought out her young son.

When Yun Xi had checked him over, she found that there was indeed no problem with the position of his bones.

If pain still occurred after the sprain healed, it was probably neuropathic pain caused by an incomplete recovery of the soft tissue.

“Boss, did your son do some intense activity after he hurt himself For example,did he use his injured hand to hold a heavy object or play ball or something”

When the lady heard this, her eyes gleamed.

“How did you know! He loves playing basketball and he hurt his arm playing basketball.

He ran out to play again right after the injury healed.

As soon as he came home, he started complaining that his arm hurt.”

“It is said that it takes 100 days to heal injured muscles and bones.”

Yun Xi turned to look at the little boy standing in front of her and couldnt help raising her hand to touch his head.

“Fracture healing can generally be divided into three stages.

The first stage is called the hematoma organizing stage.

That is, within six to eight hours after the fracture, the hematoma begins to form clots, capillary hyperplasia, various fibrocytes invade, and hematoma occurs.

The granulation tissue becomes fibrous connective tissue, which initially connects the fracture ends.

This period lasts about two to three weeks after the fracture.

This period is what he is in now.”

Yun Xi pointed to Xiang Yuanjiu, who was sitting opposite them, and kindly reminded him, “Dont run around or jump around for a few days, and then you wont have any side effects.

If you dont follow my instructions, dont blame my medicine for being ineffective at treating foot pain.”

“The second stage is called the primitive callus formation stage.

The fibrous connective tissue at the fractured end is ossified through the proliferation, degeneration, and calcification of chondrocytes.

This is endochondral ossification.

This period generally takes four to eight weeks.

The third period is called the callus reconstruction period.

This period takes between eight and 12 weeks.

It usually takes about three months from the beginning of the fracture to the bones reconnecting.

Therefore, saying that it takes 100 days to heal your injured muscles and bones makes sense.”

After listening to her, the female shop owner didnt quite understand what she was talking about, but she couldnt help but worry about her sons situation.

“So, what should I do now”

“Ill prescribe another prescription for you.

You ask the person in the pharmacy to make the medicine into powder the way I did just now, then make an ointment and stick it on him.

His injury has already healed, so he only needs a hot compress to stimulate the medicines effects.”

“All right.

Thank you.”

Yun Xi smiled and turned to look at the little guy who was sitting beside his mother.

“Little guy, you must listen to me, and wait until your arm doesnt hurt anymore to go play ball.

Otherwise, if you cant lift your hand in the future, you might not be able to play ball ever again.”

“Sister, dont scare me…” The little guy clutched his arm with a panicked expression on his face.

“Im not scaring you.

You have to stick the ointment on every day.

Each time the medicine lasts for two days, and you can tear it off when you take a bath.”

Yun Xi took the ointment on the table and asked him to roll up his sleeves, then applied the ointment onto his arm.

“I used this medicine for an emergency, so the effects may be stronger.

You can try this first.

If you dont have a bad reaction to it, you can use the prescription I prescribed.”

The female shop owner quickly nodded.

“All right.

I will remember it.”

Seeing that she had taken away several ointments at once, Xiang Yuanjiu was confused.

“Arent you giving them to me Why are you giving them to others My foot is still hurting.!”

Yun Xi turned her head and her eyes shot daggers at him.

“With your foot injury, these ten stickers that I made are more than enough.”

“So menacing…”


As Yun Xi was preparing to leave, the female shop owner wouldnt accept money for the bowls of noodles no matter what, so Yun Xi thanked her sheepishly, then abandoned Xiang Yuanjiu, and ran to catch the last bus by herself.

“Hey! Ill take you back!”

Yun Xi waved her hand without turning her head and yelled to him, “You should take care of yourself.

Dont try to do things beyond your capabilities.

Dont pester me, or I will really poison you.”

“Hey! You havent told me what your name is!”


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