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Chapter 19: Never Be Weak Again!

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As expected, they could hear Chen Lixues shrill screaming and the sound of shattering objects not long after leaving the house.

Yun Xi and Tang Cheng shared a look before walking to the village entrance with a smile.

Liang Danyi chased Qi Yuan for a long time but was unable to flirt with him at all.

She was even sprayed with a mouthful of car exhaust, so the anger pent up in her stomach was ready to be vented.

Turning around, she saw Yun Xi and Tang Cheng walking side by side on the road.

Their chatter and laughter was an especially glaring eyesore!

“Yun Xi, its so great that youre still alive!”

There was always a blessing after surviving a disaster.

This was already a great blessing amidst misfortune!

“Yes! Its so great to be alive!”

Yun Xi sighed quietly.

There was probably no one else who knew better than her about what it felt like to be reborn.

“Wretched girl, stand right there!”

Liang Danyi ran over and grabbed Yun Xis arm, “You wretched girl, youre getting braver, huh How dare you frame my mom in front of all the other villagers! Ill make you pay!”

Yun Xi glanced at Liang Danyis fingernails secretly digging hard into her flesh.

She smiled subtly and flipped her wrist to grab Liang Danyis arm and push it outwards.

The speed was too quick, so Liang Danyis arm wasnt able to retract in time before it cracked loudly.

It was immediately dislocated!

“Ouch…” The intense and throbbing pain instantly made Liang Danyi cry painfully out loud.

Her face was ashen as she glared viciously at Yun Xi.

“Wretched girl! You dare to touch me…”

“Liang Danyi, you asked for this.”

Yun Xi casually withdrew her hand and calmly looked at Liang Danyis poisonous glare.

She didnt pay any attention to her little tricks.

“You…” Cradling her dislocated arm, Liang Danyi was in so much pain that her teeth chattered.

“You dare to cross me! Dont you want to live in my house anymore! Dont you forget; youre using the Liangs money for everything you eat, use, and wear.

Offending me is no good for you!”

“You guys know better than anyone else if I am actually using the Liangs money or if your family is the one taking advantage of the Yuns.

Dont think that all of you can ascend from the pits just because Liang Xinyi went to the Yuns home.

As long as Im still alive, I wont let you guys live very happily.

Its not that easy to take advantage of Yun Xi!”

“You! Dont get smug too soon.

My mom will never allow you to return to Jingdu!”

No matter what, the Yuns from Jingdu was their shortcut to a future of luxury and riches.

They would never allow this wretched girl to go back, no matter what!

“Oh really Im afraid your mom cant even protect herself right now!”

As she spoke, she glanced at the house.

The sounds of Chen Lixues crying and screaming rang out, and Liang Danyis face instantly fell.

Just as she was about to run inside the house, Yun Xi grabbed her arm to pull downward.

With another crack, Yun Xi returned Danyis arm to normal.

Liang Danyi stared blankly at her and couldnt even scream in time before the pain in her arm seemed to disappear.

Was this wretched girl injected with chicken blood today How dare she lay a hand on her!

Also, her bone-aligning skills seemed to be even more impressive than the villages barefoot doctor!

She wiggled her arm in disbelief and ensured it was fine before sighing in relief.

If her arm was actually broken, she would surely kill this little b*tch!

Yun Xi didnt bother with her.

She dragged a shocked Tang Cheng outside and tightly clutched the key she had smoothly stolen off of Liang Danyi.

With a shock, Tang Cheng looked at Yun Xi, who seemed to be quite different from normal.

He swallowed hard and didnt know what to say for a very long time.

“Yun Xi, are you all right”

Yun Xis fearsome display from earlier was so cool that he didnt dare to look directly at her!

He usually only saw Liang Xinyi and her sister bully her.

Yun Xi never argued or fought back.

However, not only did he witness her fight back today, but she was also so quick, accurate, and vicious.

He couldnt believe this at all!

“Im fine.

Tang Cheng, I will never be weak again after dying the last time!”

Looking up, her burning gaze sparked with brilliance.

Like bits of starlight, the flowing light overflowing with color.

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