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Chapter 183: Nurture Her Sexual Desires and Cultivate Her Greed

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Liang Xiuqin couldnt bear to see Yun Ziling being bullied, especially by Yun Xi, that wretched girl.

As soon as Yun Xi fired back at Yun Ziling, Liang Xiuqin immediately jumped up.

“Wretched girl! Watch your mouth! Your sister asked you a nice question, yet you answer with a mean attitude.

How characteristic of you bumpkins from the countryside.

And someone like you thinks youre going to be able to marry into the Jiang family Dream on! I say youd better cancel the marriage contract as soon as possible, lest you embarrass yourself.

Not only will the Jiang family lose face, but we also will as well.”

Yun Xi slowly turned her head, her cool gaze falling on her mothers aggressive face.

Sometimes, she really couldnt understand her mothers way of thinking.

Didnt she herself also come from the countryside Did she really think that just because shed been living in the prosperous Jingdu for many years, she was all high and mighty just because she was the wife of a company vice president

Compared to the four major distinguished families and even the many other wealthy wives, wasnt she forced to kiss up to them all the time

Her deep-rooted inferiority associated with her countryside upbringing was never going to leave her throughout her entire lifetime.

Her petty mannerisms that she was demonstrating at this moment were truly unsightly.

Every time she saw her mother like this, she constantly reminded herself not to end up like her.

If Yun Ziling wanted to dig her own grave, she was happy to oblige.

Moreover, this was also part of her overall scheme.

Liang Xiuqin had always been partial toward Yun Ziling, and using Jiang Henglin to social climb was only a part of her scheme.

Greed will expand little by little like a sponge…

Only after they got what they wanted, and then lost it all, would her punishment truly sting.

It wasnt that she was doing nothing.

She was simply waiting for the right moment.

The higher they climbed, the more it would sting when they fell.

She wanted to push those who hurt her into the abyss step by step, including her own kin.

To live her life again, besides the desire to become stronger, there was also an intense hatred deeply rooted inside her.

Yun Ziling was still young, and her sexual desires were still immature.

What Yun Xi had to do now was to nurture her sexual desires and cultivate her greed.

If one wanted to destroy a person, simply letting them die would be the most unwise way to do it.

The best way to carry out vengeance was to make someones life a living hell so that they wished they were dead.

“Do you think that if I cancel my engagement to Jiang Henglin, he will get engaged to Yun Ziling”

“Of course! The Jiang familys second young master accompanied us on a shopping trip for the entire day today and gave so many gifts to Ziling.

He was gentle and considerate toward her.

Isnt it obvious how much he likes Ziling You should realize whats going on and give Ziling her rightful place.

Youve already jinxed six relatives, so who would dare to marry you Theyre afraid of being jinxed by you.”

As she was insulting and debasing Yun Xi, Liang Xiuqin didnt forget to put Yun Ziling on an even higher pedestal.

“Furthermore, our Ziling has been trained as a high-society lady ever since she was young.

When she is ready to come out, she will be attending Jingdus most prestigious debutante ball.

Although she has a heart ailment, she is more qualified than you are, and only she is worthy of Young Master Jiang.

Who do you think you are”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and couldnt help but snicker.

She really didnt want to bruise her mothers ego, and she was too apathetic to bother to remind her mother not to dig her own grave.

Established jointly by the three major distinguished and four wealthiest families in Jingdu, Jingdus prestigious debutante ball was held once every three years in the name of charity.

Celebrities and socialites from all over the country were invited.

Not only must one be from a distinguished and wealthy family, but one also needed to possess special skills.

The process was extremely selective and very few people got invitations.

With Yun Zilings appearance and grades, as well as their family background, she could only dream of getting an invitation letter.

Her mother wanted it to be an opportunity for her to climb socially, but her wishful thinking was simply too unrealistic.

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