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Chapter 176: Dont Be So Stupid in the Future

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On the way back to the Yun familys house, Yun Xi glanced at the hands on the steering wheel.

The scab on the back of the mans hand had crusted and peeled off, revealing pink skin, which looked almost completely healed.

The other gangster had called him Boss Feng, so she realized that this guy wasnt someone she should offend.

The villa complex was filled with children from wealthy families.

In terms of their status and family backgrounds, they werent on the same level as ordinary people.

Nobody in the villa complex would dare to mess with the Feng family.

They had many family members, all of whom were savvy businessmen.

They were wealthy, had a high position in the business world, and were highly respected.

Grandfather Feng was getting older and spent most of his time living in the villa complex.

He usually played chess and listened to music with the other old men who lived there.

His eldest son had had only one son, so Yun Xi had already guessed the identity of this man after hearing them call him Boss Feng.

As the eldest son and the eldest grandson, he seemed quite skilled at fighting, but there was no way Grandfather Feng would approve of his eldest grandson acting in this way.

“Your injury has almost healed, so in the future dont be stupid and use your head against an ashtray.”

“How…how did you know” Feng Yang turned his head to look at her, and a hint of surprise flashed through his dark eyes.

“Nothing except for an ashtray could have contributed to such a pit on your forehead.

Your father is really quite ruthless.”

“Ive gotten used to it.” Feng Yang tugged at the corner of his mouth, and, as if suddenly thinking of something else, he asked, “Your sister…”

“This is my own familys affairs.

I can handle it.”

She had many ways to deal with Yun Chuhans little tricks.

Feng Yang glanced at her.

She had just single-handedly beaten up eight men, so he really didnt have to worry about her.

“Oh, by the way, my name is Yun Xi, how about you”

Feng Yang curled his lips a little.

“The eldest lady of the Yun family, I know.

You live in the villa complex, and you dont know what my name is”

“There is only one Feng family in the villa complex.

I only just came back from the countryside and dont know much about the people who live in the villa complex yet.”

Even in her previous life, she hadnt known much about him.

Their circle wasnt something she could squeeze her way into.

“Feng Yang.

Yang as in Soaring.”

He rarely gave such details about his own name.

Yun Xi nodded.

“Master Feng, since youre an idiot who does nothing but cause trouble as everyone says, its no wonder that your old man threw an ashtray at you when he got mad.

His decades worth of pristine reputation will be ruined in your hands.”

She didnt know much about people like them, especially their dangerous quarrels and shady business dealings.

She didnt have the guts to get involved.

“My job What do you think I do”

Yun Xi shook her head and pretended to be ignorant.

She had only met him twice, and they werent even friends, so it was really quite rude of her to speak of his profession in that way.

“In the future, you will learn that Im not simply a violent misfit as you think.

Playing a rich playboy is truly exhausting, but I wont lose to Young Marshal Mu, whos on top of the mountain.”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows.

“Playboy Arent you guys…”

“The bad guys” Feng Yang countered in a teasing tone.

Probably the old man and all the others thought so, right

How was it acceptable for a young blue-blooded lad from a distinguished family to be such a notorious bad boy

“I dont understand, and Im just guessing, so dont take offense.” She couldnt afford to offend people like him.

“If you need help in the future, you can come to the Feng familys home to find me.”

When Yun Xi heard this, she waved her hand and refused.

“No, no, I can solve my problems by myself.”

She was an upright citizen, so why would she need his help

The car stopped at the door of the Yun familys house, just as her grandfather was coming back from a game of chess.

Upon seeing Feng Yang getting out of the car, he seemed taken aback.

“Grandpa Yun!” Feng Yang stood up straight and politely greeted her grandfather with a nod.

He had been well taught in etiquette, and, although he had an icy aura, it couldnt conceal the innate nobleness and pride instilled from his upbringing.

“Oh, young master Feng! Why are you with our Yun Xi”

“I happened to encounter her in town and offered to bring her home since its on my way.”

“Well, well…thank you! Say hello to your grandpa for me.”

“Will do!”

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