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They had spent such a long time together, and the downside of this was that Yun Xi could immediately pick up whatever Mu Feichi was thinking about—good or bad—without another word.

Mu Feichi could hardly articulate what was on his mind before Yun Xi understood what the man wanted to do.

She immediately launched herself forward and bit down on the mans neck.

“Why do I feel like Ive set myself up! Answer me, Mu Three-Years-Old!”

She should not have said that.

Yun Xi scolded herself for her negligence in her mind.

She had invited trouble the moment she had vocalized that her heart was aching for Mu Feichi.

Mu Feichi smiled meaningfully.

His lips responded immediately to Yun Xis retaliation and met her neck in quick succession.

His voice was raspy and enchanting, “Its going to be hard for you to get off once you board this, just like a pirate ship.”

“What Are you saying you want me to be part of your villainy”

“Thats exactly what I mean.

We can be criminals together!”

Mu Feichis jest jerked Yun Xis face up in the air.

She reached out and cupped his chin with a serious expression.

In their position, she was a head above the man.

She used her free hand to give his face a gentle slap.

“Are you saying you want me to sleep with you, Mu Three-Years-Old”

Mu Feichi was much better than Yun Xi when it came to having no sense of shame or embarrassment.

“What if I am Youre the first and only woman who can do that too!”

Yun Xis cheeks were burning as she glared at the man.

“Wow, Im so honored to know that Im the only one who can tend to Young Commander Mu.”

Yun Xi was worried about how she could wake up and talk to anyone tomorrow if she let Mu Feichi have his way.

They were staying with the Ye family too.

If the elders had picked up on the slightest detail about what they had done, how would she face them then Yun Xi wondered.

The man blinked.

It was as if he had seen through the concerns that Yun Xi had.

He inched his face closer and lightly pressed it against Yun Xis face.

His feet moved to push open the door to his room.

“Dont worry, Ill be gentle.”

“No! Lets pretend I was kidding and just let this go.”

“Well, I hate to tell you this, but I was serious.”

Mu Feichis kiss was faster than Yun Xis reaction time.

His lips met with the corners of Yun Xis lips, and he fell forward toward Yun Xi.

The movement was too fast for Yun Xi to evade.

With a swift fall, the two landed on the soft mattress.

Mu Feichis body was pressed up against Yun Xis, and there was little space for her to wiggle out of the embrace.

“Mm…” Yun Xi was stunned by the sudden advancement of Mu Feichi, and by the time she had a good grasp of the situation, it was too late for her to respond appropriately.

The sweetness of their lips pulled Mu Feichi further into the kiss.

His eyes closed as his kisses deepened.

His embrace was a whirlwind of warmth that enclosed tightly around Yun Xi like a cocoon.

His kisses were heavy and aggressive.

Yun Xi was catching her breath as Mu Feichis body remained solid above hers like a mountain.

All of her efforts to retaliate were as futile as spreading a net in the plain sight of a bird.

In fact, Yun Xis struggle to break free had only fueled the mans need to conquer.

As she caught her breath, Yun Xi was dizzy from the storm of kisses, and she felt as if all her energy had been drained from her.

There was a burning sensation across her body that she could not understand.

However, the man calmly ceased whatever he was doing.

Mu Feichi propped half of his body up, and he looked down at the girl who was squirming to break free beneath him.

His handsome face tensed slightly, and there was an unreadable expression on his face.

His eyes carried an unpredictable darkness behind them that Yun Xi had never seen before.

Yun Xi could feel a certain part of her against a certain part of the man in his current position.

She took a deep breath as she processed the moment.

Her body tightened and she was afraid to make even a tiny movement.

“Still fighting back What if I get more excited than I am”

Mu Feichi looked down at the young woman.

Her eyes were shining like dazzling stars, and her cheeks were flushed.

The scene had struck him emotionally.

The moment for him was akin to the moments on a heavy battlefield when he had been surrounded and had to churn out an idea that would save them.

It was the epiphany and realization that in the moment of extremely heightened tension when things were at their highest stake, his solution had given him the most euphoria when he emerged victoriously from the battle.

He recalled the first time he had met Yun Xi in the forest.

One that seems like it was lifetimes ago.

The moment was the one where their paths crossed and tangled with each others—the moment that destined the two to be together.

She would be his light in the dark for the rest of his days.

There was no doubt about this.

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