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Early in the morning on New Years Day, Xiao Jinglin sent Yun Xi back to the military region residences.

Yun Xi got out of the car and quietly walked to her room.

Before she could reach her room, she saw Yun Chuhan squatting at the door, nodding and dozing off like a chicken pecking at rice.

It seemed like she had come to wait by her door at the break of dawn just to get ahold of her, and had been squatting there for a long time.

To catch Yun Xis misbehavior, she certainly spared no effort!

Stepping forward lightly, she lifted her foot, and kicked Yun Chuhans leg.

She gazed down at the girl who was trying to sneak up on her, and the thought of her getting up to all sorts of mischief felt rather amusing.

If she ever became smart enough to deal with her fathers mistress—who was about to move in and become their stepmother, she may have a chance of taking over the Yun family in the future.

However, it was a pity that her cleverness were always used in the wrong places.

“Hey! Yun Chuhan, wake up!”

Seeing her looking unconscious, Yun Xi lifted her foot and kicked again.

Yun Chuhan, whose legs had gone numb, collapsed to the ground and immediately woke up.

“What, what!” Yun Chuhan sat on the ground with her legs numb and raised her head in a daze.

“Youre blocking the entrance to my room at the break of dawn.

I should be the one asking what the heck youre doing!”

Yun Chuhan blinked and looked up.

After a while, she finally came back to her senses, and pounded at her numb legs.

“Sister, you didnt come home last night! You stayed out all night at your age, and youre not even afraid of getting questioned by Father.

If you dont care about your reputation, you should at least think of our familys pride, right”

It was clear to everyone what her fathers intentions were.

For the chance of latching onto the Young Commander and rubbing off on his status, he couldnt care less about the pride of the Yun family.

He instead wished she would cling to him as much as she could!

Still, she could not stand Yun Xis smug face.

Why was it that she could spend New Years Eve at Mu Mansion, while the rest of them were not even worthy enough to worship him from within the same room

“You should be well aware of dads response when you said that the last time.

Even if I dont come home and end up spending the night at Mu Mansion, do you think the Young Commander wouldnt be able to spare me a room”

Yun Xi saw right through the jealousy and dissatisfaction in Yun Chuhans ashen face.

“Yun Chuhan, save your petty thoughts.

Dont think that I dont know what youre trying to do.

If you have the time to tackle me, dont you think its better if you focus on more pressing matters.

Our father is marrying that woman soon, and once she comes through our door, you will have a new younger brother.

Lets not forget what Yun Ziling has become.

If I really do marry into the Mu family, do you think I would still want anything to do with the Yun family If you really want to be the head of the family, dont waste your efforts on me.


She looked down at her condescendingly, with her eyes filled with such piercing coldness that sent shivers down Yun Chuhans body.

“I wouldnt mind sending you away to accompany Yun Ziling.

After all, the two of you did grow up together, so you have a deep sisterly bond, dont you”

“You… a-are you threatening me” There was no way that Yun Chuhan wouldnt understand the meaning behind those words.

It was exactly because she clearly understood it that it made her even more afraid of this eldest sister of hers.

“Thats right.

I am threatening you.

If you can spare the effort to tackle me, then you should use that brain of yours to deal with your future stepmother.

Shes not someone you should underestimate!”

Before Yun Chuhan could say another word, Yun Xi turned around and entered her room, slamming the door shut with a loud bang.

Yun Chuhan sat completely stumped at the door.

It took a long while for her to digest what Yun Xi had just said.

Then, she stood up in a daze and limped back to her room.

Her father had not come back last night either, and she could clearly sense the danger that her stepmother entailed.

Yun Xi was going to marry her way up in the future.

Even if Yun Chuhan wanted to be a mistress in their love affair, she could never win against her eldest sister.

So it was the wise choice to hold on tightly to what was already hers.

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