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On the first day of the New Year, some had the warmth of home, while some had the most difficult and painful Spring Festival of their lives.

Liang Xinyi had made countless phone calls, spent an exorbitant amount of money on New Year gifts, and asked countless people before she finally managed to find out where Liang Weimin was working.

After another round of begging and pleading through her connections, the last of Chen Lixues savings had nearly been spent, and she did not even have the money to buy new clothes for Liang Danyi for the New Year.

Liang Danyi had quarreled with Chen Lixue all day over this matter.

She wailed and reprimanded her mother for not being able to do something as simple as keeping a man by her side.

Liang Xinyi—who was the burning fuse that had ignited all these problems—ended up getting reeled in and blamed for it as well.

Thinking of how she would soon have to pay tuition fees for her senior year at high school, and knowing Chen Lixue would not be able to cough up the money for it, she regretted leaving with them and abandoning her father in the first place.

If she had stayed with Liang Weimin, she would have been the respected daughter of the deputy director and would be living the sweet life by now.

Why did she have to suffer along with the bunch of them

She once thought that if she followed her mother into the Su house, she would be able to enjoy the good life, but was that really the case She didnt even live like the young madam of a wealthy family.

Their status in the Su family was not even comparable to that of the nannies there!

Liang Xinyi was just walking out of the washroom after ending her phone call.

The moment she stepped out, she saw Liang Danyi sobbing, and yelling at her mother.

In the washroom, she had tried her best to plead and suck up to others, just to try to pull some strings, in the hopes of turning a new leaf and solving their current predicament.

She was not willing to admit defeat, nor was she giving up that easily, and she certainly was not ready to accept this fate!

However, the two of them had no shame at all.

At such a time, they were still being so petty—pushing the responsibility around and blaming one another.

She had slaved away and lost everything.

Now she had to worry about her mother and sister too She was so furious at the sight that it drove her up the wall!

“Enough! Shut up, the both of you! If you have the energy to cry, why dont you save those tears and cry in front of Fathers company instead!”

Liang Xinyi glared at Liang Danyi with a look of utter annoyance.

She could barely look after herself at this moment.

If it was not because these two still had some use to her, she certainly would not have kept them around just to have them drag her down.

Chen Lixue turned to look at Liang Xinyi and asked with a look of surprise on her face, “Did you manage to find out where your dad works”

“Yes, but since its the New Year holidays, no one is at work now.

When they resume work on the seventh day of the New Year, you can go to his office to look for him.

I dont care what method you use, whether you beg him or remarry him, you have to go back to him.

Even if you dont have feelings for each other anymore, you have to rely on him.

He is now the deputy director, and will soon be promoted to director.

Although he isnt from a wealthy family, his status is more than enough to give the three of us a good life!”

Her reputation was now completely ruined.

She could forget about marrying into a wealthy family.

It would be a blessing if she could get married at all.

But if she had a father who was the director of a bureau, then she would be the directors daughter, and with that status, it would make others look at her with respect.

She might have been in a dead-end situation, but there could still be a chance to turn things around.

If it was really like what Su Ximan had said, that her family would need to seek out her father for help in the future, then wouldnt she be highly useful to them, as the daughter of the director

As soon as Liang Danyi heard that there was still hope, she quickly grabbed her mothers arm.

“Mom, no matter what, you have to get my tuition fees from my father this time.

Im already in my senior year of high school.

If I cant pay my tuition fees, not only will my classmates laugh at me, I wont have a chance to get into college at all! And if I cant get into college, then Ill stick to dad.

Theres no way Im going to suffer this hard life with you!”

Growing up, Liang Danyi had never truly suffered any grievances or gone through any hardship.

Although her life in the Su family had undoubtedly crushed all the hopes and fantasies she had brought with her from the countryside, her one and only dream she held onto was becoming a noble and capable woman like Su Ximan.

Unfortunately, this dream had quickly come to naught.

Despite it all, she still had a glimmer of hope.

She thought perhaps if she followed her mother, she might have a fifty percent chance of joining the circle of the wealthy.

If it were not for this fifty percent chance of hope, she would have abandoned her long ago and gone with her father instead!

Liang Xinyi glanced at Liang Danyi.

Her sisters shortsightedness made her speechless.

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