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After finishing dinner, Yun Xi played a few games of chess with Xiao Jinglin and Old Master Xiao in the living room while she waited for Mu Feichi to return.

The countdown event was being played on the TV, and the hosts festive voice filled the room.

After losing a couple of games to Old Master Xiao, Yun Xi turned to look at her father to seek help.

She had only learned how to play chess from Grandfather Yun in her past life, and she had only mastered the basics.

Although she had learned a lot of military strategies from Mu Feichi after being reincarnated, those werent enough for her to utilize them in a game of chess where strategies mattered the most.

Before she could even think of her next move, she had already lost the game to Old Master Xiao.

Xiao Jinglins heart softened when his daughter looked at him for help.

He turned to look at his father and then back at his daughter and let out a silent sigh.

Both of them still had the heart of a child, and it was hard for him to make a decision in such circumstances.

“Dad, cant you let her win once Why are you going all out against a kid”

Old Master Xiao glanced at his son and pushed his glasses up.

While playing the chess piece that was made out of jade in his hand, he gently smiled and said, “If she wanted me to let her win, she wouldve asked me to go easy on her a few rounds back.

Shes just like you when you were little.

She doesnt want to lose to anyone.”

Yun Xi gripped the chess piece in her hand tightly, to the point where the cold jade piece was starting to warm up from her body temperature.

Xiao Jinglin sighed and pushed his daughter to the side a little so that he could play in her stead.

As they played, Old Master Xiao bitterly laughed as he shook his head, “You are going to become a slave to your daughter.”

“Arent you the same That was how you treated sis when she was younger.”

“What Are you blaming me for being too strict with you” The old master smiled as he moved his piece.

“Of course not! I know the responsibility that I have to shoulder as a son.

But a daughter is a whole other matter.

They should be cherished.”

Yun Xi silently watched the father and son play as Xiao Jinglin explained every move that he made to her.

He was willing to teach her, and she was willing to learn.

Time passed by quickly with a few games of chess.

Great White slept soundly by the window in the large living room, which was quiet but warm.

It wasnt until eleven at night when the silence was broken by a call from Zhao Yumo.

Yun Xi grabbed her phone and headed to the window to answer the call.

“Happy New Year!” Yun Xi said the moment she answered the call, but what she heard afterward was Zhao Yumos anxious voice.

“Babe! Something bad has happened!”

“Huh What happened” Yun Xis heart skipped a beat when she heard that an incident had occurred on New Years Eve.

“There was an explosion at the Jingdu Grand Hotel! Did you hear about it I heard that there were quite a lot of casualties! Most of them were guests having their New Years Eve dinner there.

Even the SWAT team has been mobilized!”

Yun Xi gasped.

She finally understood why Mu Feichi had to leave in such a rush.

It was most likely because of the explosion.

“How did you know about this Were you there Are you hurt”

Yun Xi knew that news of such a huge incident wouldnt get out right away.

Thus, she was worried that the reason Zhao Yumo knew about it was that she was at the scene.

“Im fine.

I was having dinner at home.

Thankfully, we decided to not celebrate at the hotel.

My friend was there with her family, and they were lucky enough to have sat far away from the window.

But, they were still cut by the window shards, and all of them are at the hospital now.

Im heading to the hospital to visit her now.

How can someone do such a thing on New Years Eve”

“Wait up! Im going with you!”

Yun Xi had a very bad feeling about the situation.

She couldnt help but think that the lunatic was the one behind the explosion.

If that was the case, then the explosion was ultimately her fault.

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