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While everyone was happily welcoming the Lunar New Year, Chen Lixue and her daughters were immersed in the recent series of blows they had suffered.

Liang Xinyi was especially affected.

The video at her engagement banquet had almost driven her to the point of breaking down.

Initially, they thought that the Su family would be able to shield them from the wind and rain.

However, they did not expect her mothers scandal to be exposed as well.

When that happened, the Su family immediately turned against them and their last glimmer of hope was dashed.

All of this happened so coincidentally.

She would not believe that no one was behind it!

However, if it had been Qiao Ximin, how did Qiao Ximin get the video of her mother when she first came to Jingdu

At that time, she did not know her at all!

Moreover, an ordinary person could not possibly obtain this video.

She thought for the entire night, and after thinking for a long time, she narrowed down her target to that damned girl Yun Xi.

This video belonged to Yun Yuanfeng and Chen Lixue.

Now that Yun Xi had the Young Commanders help, she could get whatever video she wanted.

Unexpectedly, the wretched girl jumped out at this time to stab them in the back and blocked all their escape routes.

How ruthless! How shameless!

Now that Liang Xinyi was infamous in Jingdu, it would be impossible for her to climb the social ladder and marry into a wealthy family.

The only way out was to study abroad.

She would come back when everyone had forgotten about this matter.

Perhaps she would have a chance to make a name for herself.

However, studying abroad required a large sum of money.

After her mother was chased out of the Su family, she was only given a house of little value.

Other than that, there was nothing else, let alone money!

Without money, there was nothing she could do!

Having made up her mind, Liang Xinyi stood up abruptly and looked at Chen Lixue with determination.

“Mom, I want to study abroad! I have no dignity left to stay in Jingdu after the video was exposed at the engagement banquet.

I can only go abroad and wait for them to forget about this matter before coming back.

Only then will I have a chance to make a comeback! Think of a way to get my tuition and living expenses for studying abroad!”

At the mention of money, Chen Lixue snapped out of her daze and realized that she had been chased out of the Su family and abandoned.

After living the life of a wealthy lady for a few months and enjoying the feeling of being superior to others, she did not even know how to cook or buy groceries these few days!

More importantly, she did not have much money with her when she left the Su family.

The remaining bit of cash was only enough for the three of them to survive on for the next few days!

She was now dragging her two daughters along.

She had no job and no income.

She could not even afford Liang Danyis tuition fees for the next semester, let alone support Liang Xinyi to study and live abroad!

“Get it Where do you want me to get your tuition fees now I cant even afford your sisters tuition fees for the next semester, let alone you going abroad! That heartless Su Zongping gave me this house without giving me a single cent!”

Liang Xinyi was stunned for a moment.

Even Liang Danyi looked up.

This concerned her tuition fees, so she had no choice but to pay attention to her own interests.

“Mom, Im already in my second year of high school.

This is the most important year for me! If I cant enter the third year of high school, I wont be able to enter university! Dont harm me!”

If she had known that her mother would turn out to be such a disappointment, she would have followed her father.

After all, her father was still the Deputy Director.

No matter what, she was still the daughter of the Deputy Director.

Why should she suffer with them

What wealthy family life What rich young heiress She could dream on!

“Mom! Didnt you get any money from Su Zongping during the time you were married Didnt you save some money for your life”

When Liang Xinyi heard that Chen Lixue had no money, she went crazy.

What else could she do without money

“Youre overly optimistic.

Ive been on my toes each day since I married into the Su family.

For you guys to have a good future, Ive spent all my money on socializing with wealthy ladies.

How could I have saved up any money”

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