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In the past, Yun Xi wouldnt have allowed anyone to threaten her position, especially before she took back everything that belonged to the Yun family.

If someone didnt appreciate her kindness, then she wouldnt be as easy to talk to as she was today.

However, it was different now.

Since she was no longer the eldest daughter of the Yun family, everything in the Yun family was no longer important to her.

She did not care about fighting for something that did not belong to her.

“If it belongs to me, I wont surrender to anyone who dares to snatch it from me.

Since you were so kind to remind me today, could it be that youre afraid of this woman and want to form an alliance with me”

“Whats there to be afraid of Shes not that scary!” Yun Chuhan pursed her lips stubbornly and avoided eye contact with Yun Xi.

“I just feel that shes an outsider.

She took away my fathers concern the moment she arrived.

She might even become a threat between you and me.

Im just reminding you out of goodwill!”

Yun Chuhan wanted to form an alliance with her older sister, but looking at her high-and-mighty attitude, it was clear that Yun Xi did not take that woman seriously.

She did not know if she did not take this matter to heart or was really not afraid.

Yun Chuhan had seen Yun Xis methods before.

It was more than enough to deal with that woman downstairs.

It all depended on whether she wanted to or not.

“Thank you for your reminder.

I dont care about that woman downstairs.”

She pushed Yun Chuhan away and walked toward her grandfathers study.

When she returned to her room, Mu Feichi had already changed into his pajamas and was lying on the bed with a document in his hand.

Upon seeing her return, Mu Feichi sat straight up and handed her the document, “Youll probably be very interested in this document.”

Yun Xi walked over in confusion.

Just as she raised her hand to reach for the document, a certain persons large hand suddenly reached out, directly pulling her onto his lap.

“Hey! Im just about to read the document.

Dont be so touchy-feely!”

Since Yun Xi was unable to break free, she sat on his lap, flipping through the document he had handed over.

The document was all about the woman downstairs called Lin Shuhua.

She only mentioned it once in the car, and Mu Feichi had compiled information about the woman for her.

“I really couldnt tell before, but this woman is not a simple character! My dad has been praying for a son for so many years, but we dont even know if hes his biological son!”

Yun Xi glanced at the information in her hands and chuckled, “I could tell that this woman had some tricks up her sleeve when we were downstairs just now.

I dont know what kind of heart shes hiding under her weak appearance, but my father had to fall for it.

If she makes a cuckold out of him, then there will be a good show to watch.”

“No matter what happens between her and Yun Yuanfeng in the future, it will be his own choice.

You only need to take the initiative, and he will beg you in the future.

No matter how extraordinary this woman is, your second aunt is not someone to be trifled with.

You dont have to worry too much about the Yun family.”

“Yes, I know.

Ive always been a woman of my word.

If this woman comes knocking on my door, I wont hold back.”

“Its the end of the year.

I have just received news that a group of mercenaries has entered the country along the border and are heading toward Jingdu.

You have to be more careful.

From tomorrow onward, dont go out if you have nothing to do.

Let Xiaoer and Xiaosi prepare the things that you need.

You stay on the mountain to prepare the things for the Lunar New Year.”

“Why do you want me to host the New Year festivities at Mu Mansion”

“Because youre the future matriarch of the household! Isnt it natural for you to take charge of the events at Mu Mansion”

“Since youre ordering me around for free, can I ask if the matriarch of the household has any special rights”

“Yes! You can enjoy me for free indefinitely.

You can eat, drink, chat, and sleep with me.

I can drink with you and recite romantic poems.

Moreover, I also can accompany you on the battlefield!”

Yun Xi looked at his earnest expression that seemed to sayPick me! and held back her laughter as she poked his handsome face.

“You seem to have the skills of a gigolo in a nightclub.

I didnt expect Young Commander Mu to have the potential to be a gigolo!”

“Baby, if you want to be my sugar mummy, I wont reject your offer.”

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