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Han Yaotian and Qiao Ximin decided to skip the engagement party and went on to announce their wedding to the public instead.

Because of that, a huge uproar took over Jingdu in a single day.

When Yun Xi woke up, the first thing that caught her attention was the countless calls from the same number.

She only wanted to make Han Zhongteng desperate, but she never thought that he would be so persistent.

He had been calling her throughout the night.

She slumped as there was no way she had the energy to negotiate with someone that early in the morning.

She grabbed her phone and rubbed her head against Mu Feichis chest.

The man had already woken up, even earlier, due to the phone vibrating non-stop, and was trying to calm down his morning sexual desire, but he never expected the lady to increase that desire by clinging to him.

He almost managed to put that flame out with his sheer willpower, but Yun Xi, rubbing her head against him, lit that fire again.

“Babe…” Mu Feichi took a deep breath and hugged Yun Xi tightly.

“Dont you know that you shouldnt arouse a man early in the morning”

“What” Before Yun Xi could even react, the man grabbed her tiny hand and guided it onto his body.

“Do you know now” Mu Feichi smiled and moved his face closer to hers, staring enthusiastically into her eyes.

“You!” Yun Xi immediately gasped as her face turned red.

She tried to pull her hand back, but the mans grip was too tight for her to do so.

It was that day when Yun Xi finally learned that one must never arouse a man in the morning.

“I-I wasnt trying to do anything.” Since she was on her period, she was afraid of what he would do to her instead.

“Dont deny it!” the man grunted as he tried to hold himself back.

“Dont blame me! You are the one who cant hold yourself back.” Yun Xi dug her head into his chest.

She was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a hole and hide in it.

“Babe, Im already doing an amazing job of holding myself back.

I wouldve devoured you right away if you werent on your period.”

Knowing that Mu Feichi was telling the truth, Yun Xi decided to change the topic.

She picked her phone up and showed it to him.

“Han Zhongteng is more persistent than I thought.

Hes still calling me.

What should I do”

“Theres nothing you have to worry about.

Youre taking the lead here.

Hes the one who wants your help.”

“But, even so, I dont want him to suddenly turn the tide.”

“Heck Do you think he can do something that even I cant” Mu Feichi scoffed.

He grabbed the phone from Yun Xi and called back.

On the other side of the phone, Han Zhongteng was surprised that Yun Xi would call him back.

However, the moment he heard the Young Commanders voice from the other side, he didnt even dare make a sound.

He might actually have had a shot if he was talking to Yun Xi, but there was no way he could make the Young Commander help him.

“Han Zhongteng, my girl isnt that hard to please.

If you want her to help you, then you should at least show some sincerity.

Compared to you, Han Yaotian is giving us a lot of things.”

“Young Commander… I-I dont get what you mean.

Please tell me what I need to do.”

“Did you forget what you did to her in the past”

“I…” There was no way Han Zhongteng would forget helping Liang Xinyi.

Before even hearing any reply from Han Zhongteng, Mu Feichi hung up.

He had made his intention clear, and he was sure that Han Zhongteng was smart enough to understand what he meant.

If he didnt, then there was no need for them to help him.

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