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Chapter 166: Let Me Have Yun Xi

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At Mu Feichis words, everyone present changed their expressions.

Jiang Henglins expression became extremely sour.

In Jingdu, it would actually be considered an honor by others to have been reprimanded by the most noble man in country C.

But Jiang Henglin was also a man, so he simply felt ashamed.

Mu Feichi raised his arm to check the time, and then, tilting his head slightly, he asked in a calm voice, “Have you finished eating yet Your first class starts at 8:30.”

“Ive finished…” Yun Xi put down her chopsticks and stood up.

This was a perfect excuse to escape.

“Old Madame, Grandpa Chen, I have to go to classes today.

I will come back tomorrow since it will be Saturday.”

“Okay, girl, be careful.” Old Madame Chen said affectionately.

“I will!”

Seeing that Yun Xi was leaving, Jiang Wanyun winked at her son, “Chen Chen, you drive Yun Xi back.”

“Okay…” As soon as Chen Yichen stood up, Yun Xi waved her hand to reject his kind gesture.

“I wont bother the eldest son.

Young Marshal Mu is going the same way as I am, and I can travel with him.

You dont need to take another trip.”

Yun Xi smiled at Chen Yichen, then turned to look at Grandpa Jiang.

“Grandpa Jiang, I have to go to class now, but I will come to visit you another day.”

“Good, good!” Old man Jiang smiled awkwardly.

“Girl, this brat has a bad temper, so dont hold a grudge toward him.”

“I wont.”

She wouldnt stoop so low as to take someone as petty as he was seriously.

As soon as Yun Xi had left, Mr.

Jiang couldnt help but reprimand his naive grandson.

“Look at how mature Yun Xi is, and then look at yourself.

How unsightly!”

Jiang Henglin curled his lips contemptuously with a look of disapproval on his face.

Today, he had been shamefully reprimanded by his grandfather and Young Marshal Mu, all because of that wretched girl Yun Xi.

She was just like her mother said she was, a scourge!

Chen Yichen glanced at the contemptuous expression on Jiang Henglins face, then leaned back in his chair lazily, and said cynically, “Grandpa, my cousin obviously doesnt like a sassy cat like Yun Xi.

Perhaps you can find him a two-faced pretentious girl and give Yun Xi to me.

Besides, she will still be your granddaughter-in-law, so there would be no difference.”

Old man Jiang watched his precious grandson teasing him and then at his other troublemaker grandson and saw that the tide was already turning.

“Cousin, you actually like calculating women like her You can tell at first glance that she is a rotten bird, so dont be fooled.”

Chen Yichen took a sip of his coffee, and there was a nonchalant look on his handsome face, but his eyes sharpened.

“I know better than you what kind of person she is.

If shes calculating, that means shes a smart girl who wont let herself suffer, and thats good! She has the vibe of a formidable female head of a household.

When other women obsessed with me come knocking on the door, she can intimidate them and not only wont I have to worry about her suffering grievances, I also dont have to worry about her getting bullied.

How wonderful!”

“…” Jiang Henglin raised his eyebrows and looked disgusted.

He really couldnt understand Chen Yichens taste.

It was really too bizarre!

“Grandpa, you go home and think about it.

If you really like the Yun family, doesnt Yun Xi still have a younger sister I think my cousin likes pretentious types like her sister, and I think shes quite suitable for my cousin.”

If Yun Xi had still been there, she would definitely have been able to see that Chen Yichen was digging a big hole for Jiang Henglin.

Moreover, he was placing many temptations above the trap as the icing on the cake, and was waiting for him to fall into the trap.

It seemed that these boys had no mercy on their relatives when they really got competitive.

Old man Jiang couldnt fathom what was going on in these young peoples minds.

A marriage contract made in the previous generation wasnt easy to change, but he was unwilling to make Yun Xi or his grandson suffer.

As for the marriage contract, perhaps they should wait a few more years.

They might start to get along with each other after a long time and perhaps develop feelings for each other.

Now, they were still young, so their marriage didnt need to be rushed.

No matter what, he didnt want to make that girl feel aggrieved.

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