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During their meal, Yun Xi mentioned that she had promised Chen Yichen to visit Old Madam Chen before the New Year.

It reminded Xiao Jinglin that Chen Yichens mother had helped them a lot with finding information on the brooch, and he decided to go with his daughter so that he could offer his gratitude to the family for helping him find his long-lost daughter.

Yun Xi called Chen Yichen and told him that they would be heading to the Chen Mansion the next morning.

Not long after she hung up the call, she received a call from a number that she was unfamiliar with.

She showed it to Mu Feichi and asked, “Should I answer it”

Mu Feichi glanced at the phone and immediately recognized the number.

He nonchalantly grinned and said, “Thats Han Zhongtengs number.

It looks like hes getting anxious.”

“Well, Im pretty sure that the one whos worried about the marriage between the Han family and the Qiao family is him.

Since hes so anxious, why dont we let him wait even longer” Yun Xi smiled and set her phone down on the table to finish her dinner.

She had always been the type of person who would hold a grudge.

Since Han Zhongteng had tried to mess with her for Liang Xinyi in the past, even if she didnt want any payback, she would still not answer his call right away.

Especially not when the other party wanted her assistance.

The more desperate they were, the more power she held, and the easier it would be for her to benefit from the situation.

As Yun Xi had decided to let Han Zhongteng wait, she set her phone to silent mode and left it on the couch as she chatted with Xiao Jinglin.

Han Zhongteng didnt stop calling her.

Her father glanced at the phone and decided to give her a tip.

“Its a good thing to turn the Han brothers against each other by using the Qiao family, but you must never forget that theres another brother whos still not in the game.

If you want to get the most benefit out of this, you must make sure that the third brother joins the fight too.

It seems like Han Hongbing loves the last one the most, and the fight between Han Yaotian and Han Zhongteng is the best outcome he could ever wish for.

He will stumble only when you include the person he cares for the most.

Thats the best way to get rid of the Han family in one go.”

For a while, Yun Xi thought about her fathers suggestion.

She had to admit that it was a great idea and that it could fit perfectly into her plan.

“The only problem is that the third brother is a maniac.

Hes literally a terrorist.

I would never have let such a person run free if I didnt need to lure the rest of Han Hongbings mercenaries out.”

“Well, since you want to use Han Yaotian to get rid of that terrorist, why dont you make an even bolder move The bigger the risk, the higher the reward.”

“Han Hongbing would never let anything happen to him.

But, if anything happens to him, then thats my chance.”

To be more precise, it would be Han Yaotians chance.

Seeing how his daughter could understand what he was trying to say without having to give any extra explanation, Xiao Jinglin was extremely proud of her.

She was a lot smarter than he thought, and much more resourceful too.

“If youve made up your mind, then just do it.

The Xiao family will back you up too.” Xiao Jinglin got up and glanced at Mu Feichi, who had just come down from his study, and back at his daughter, who was still pondering, “Get some rest.


“Goodnight!” Yun Xi watched her father leave before turning to the man who was standing by the stairs.

With a few hops, she jumped into his arms.

Mu Feichi wrapped his arms around Yun Xi and rubbed his face on her cheek, “Whats wrong Do you want to give me your orders now that your dad is gone”

“I only planned to act a little cute, though.

But, if you think thats the case, then… Soldier! Stand up straight! Turn around!”

Mu Feichi grinned and carried her up in his arms.

Yun Xi then patted his head and shouted, “Up the stairs! Move!”

Mu Feichi finally couldnt help but laugh as he pinched Yun Xis butt, “You rascal.”

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