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Once back in her room, Yun Xi read through the information that Quan Zongrui had given her as she spoke to Mu Feichi over the phone.

When she joked about what Old Master Quan had mentioned at the mansion, the Young Commander suddenly turned silent for a second.

“Who knew he would want me to become his granddaughter-in-law.” Yun Xi laughed.

“How dare he do that Ill have him hanged!” the man at the other end of the line scolded.

“Oh You sure sound cute when youre jealous.”

“Shut up! You better be back tomorrow! Ill have to punish you!”

“I dont think I can.

Well have to take Aunt Lin with us to where my mother was last seen, which is Muyang.

Since its almost the New Year, I was thinking maybe I could go back and have a look—visit the neighbors and stuff.

All my relatives may have left—even my uncle is in Jingdu—but I still grew up there.”

The man at the other end of the line sighed and finally said, “Fine.

Be careful.”

“I will.


Xiao has brought a lot of people with us too.

You have an intelligence unit in Muyang, right Can you ask them to help us look into it”

“Of course.

Ill get them on it right away.”

Yun Xi knew that Mu Feichis team would be able to return with information soon.

All she had to do now was sit back and wait.

After hanging up, she felt kind of weird.

She didnt recall Mu Feichi telling her to go back to Jingdu as soon as she could.

It wasnt until they had almost arrived at Muyang and she saw Mu Feichi coming out of the car that he was waiting in that she finally understood why.

It was because the man had already made his way to Muyang too.

Perhaps he was scared that someone might try to kidnap her again, but the moment she saw him, she felt safe.

Before Yun Xi even got out of the car, the man knocked on her window.

She rolled down the window to take a peek.

Yun Xi then looked at the man who had come all the way to meet her and teased, “Young Commander Mu, are you here to make a delivery, or are you on a mission”

“What do you think” Mu Feichi scoffed and reached his hand in through the window to unlock the door.

He then opened it and pulled her out of the car.

Xiao Jinglin turned to look at the young man who had come all the way from Jingdu to pull his daughter out of the car and frowned.

The father had a deep frown on his face, but he remained silent.

“Uncle Jing, please follow our vehicles.

Well lead you into the village.” Before Xiao Jinglin could even say anything, Mu Feichi dragged Yun Xi back into his car and slammed the door shut.

As the car slowly moved into Muyang, the prideful man started to reach his hand into Yun Xis shirt.

When his cold hand touched her waist, a chill ran down her spine, and she quickly moved a little to the side.

“Mu Three-Years-Old! Im still injured!”

“Oh! Right.

Im sorry.

I forgot about that,” said Mu Feichi, sounding dejected as he pulled his hand away and sat quietly with a deep frown.

Yun Xi laughed and moved closer to him.


Are you still worried that I might get kidnapped again”

“Even though your dad is satisfied with me being your boyfriend, the fact that Im in the army is still troubling him.

Shouldnt I be more careful Also, the Xiao family and Quan family have been friends for a long time, and Quan Zongrui is still single.

What if your dad suddenly arranges a marriage between you and him”

“Who knew you were this worried!”

“Oh! Shut up!” Mu Feichi rolled his eyes back.

No matter how much she made fun of him, he still cared a lot about her.

He pulled her into his arms, and gently knocked her head.

“Dont go overboard.”

“I know.

I know.” Yun Xi laughed.

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