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As Xiao Jinglin was already well acquainted with the Quan Family, they greeted each other before he introduced Yun Xi to them.

“This is my daughter, Yun Xi.

Yun Xi, this is Mr.

and Mrs.


By the way, Mrs.

Quan and your mother were classmates in the past.”

“Good evening, Mr.

and Mrs.

Quan,” Yun Xi politely greeted them.

“Nice to meet you.”

“This…” Mrs.

Quan looked at the young lady in front of her with her eyes wide open.

She knew about the past Xiao Jinglin had with Rong Rong, and also the incident that happened to the Xiao family, which eventually led to Rong Rong going missing—but for a daughter who was a replica of Rong Rong to suddenly appear out of nowhere, she was completely stunned.

“Shes yours and Rong Rongs daughter Oh my God! Why didnt we hear you talk about her before Wheres Rong Rong Have you found her yet”

“Its already a blessing that I managed to find my daughter.

We are still looking for Rong Rong.

We are here in City F because a clue led us here.”


Quan studied the young lady in front of her.

The kindness and pride in Yun Xis eyes were just like Rong Rongs.

“She has her eyes… thank God shes alive!” Mrs.

Quan then turned to her son and scolded, “Rui, how could you hide such good news from us”

Quan Zongrui glanced at Yun Xi and laughed, “I was thinking of giving you two a surprise.

Looks like it was worth the wait.


Xiao, Yun Xi, please, come in.”

The first part of the mansion after they entered the entrance was a bamboo garden with a man-made waterfall.

It was clear that the family had put a lot of attention into the design of the old mansion.

Past the garden was a hallway that led them to the living hall.

Instead of going for a traditional design, the hallway had a hint of modern design.

Not only did it give off a simple and unsophisticated vibe, but it also had a sense of dignity and elegance.

Old Master Quan and Old Madam Quan were waiting for Xiao Jinglins arrival in the living hall with a few of the family members.

Unlike the time when Mu Feichi introduced Yun Xi to his family, the living hall wasnt too crowded, but there were enough people in it to show the Quan familys earnest welcome to the head of the Xiao family.

With Quan Zongruis introduction, Yun Xi greeted the elders first before greeting the rest of the family members present in the hall.

When Old Master Quan learned that Yun Xi was Xiao Jinglins daughter, he immediately studied her with his jaw open.

He couldnt help but like her due to her humble and well-mannered attitude.

“Rui, shes not bad, right Well-educated and humble.

What do you think” Old Master Quan suddenly asked Quan Zongrui.

The young man was stunned for a second as he knew what his grandfather meant.

He laughed and turned to glance at Yun Xi before turning back to look at the sly-looking Old Master Quan, who was trying to set him up with Yun Xi.

“Grandpa, shes Jinzhis girlfriend.

You should stop thinking about that.”

Old Master Quan was speechless for a while and sighed as his grandson saw through his intention.

The rest of the crowd also quickly understood what the old master meant and laughed, making him lower his head in embarrassment.

As for Yun Xi, she thought the old master was complimenting her, until she heard Quan Zongruis explanation.

The smile on her face quickly turned awkward.

Xiao Jinglin looked at his daughter with pride.

He had never thought that he would experience a day when he got to listen to other people praising his daughter.

Yun Xi sat quietly next to Xiao Jinglin after that, as she listened to her father explain about his search of Rong Rong to Old Master Quan.

The more she listened, the more pain she felt in her heart.

Compared to a lot of other men, her father had shown her what true love looked like.

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