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“I want you to summon our family lawyer here right now and make me the heir of this family!”

“This…” Qiao Dehao was stunned by his daughters first request.

He had an awkward smile on his face and had no idea how to reply to her.

“What You cant do that Im still the eldest child, and its natural for me to be the heir, or am I wrong Qiao Xinli is just a b*stard.

If you want to sacrifice me to protect this family, then Ill at least have to benefit from this situation, right None of this is my fault, to begin with.”

Qiao Dehao was in a pinch.

He did not expect Qiao Ximin to ask to be named the heir so openly.

After all, being a girl, Qiao Ximin would eventually carry another last name.

If Qiao Dehao did not have a son, then he wouldnt have a problem with naming her the heir.

However, he did have a son, and he had already named Qiao Xinli the next head of the family in his will.

He had never even once thought about having his daughter as the heir to the family.

For Qiao Ximin to ask for the right to inherit the whole family in exchange for Qiao Xinlis safety was not a fair exchange.

She was asking for much more than she could chew on.

Qiao Dehao was completely angered by the fact that his daughter was so greedy that she never once thought of helping the family when they were in a difficult situation.

“Min, youre a girl, and youll change your last name sooner or later.

Of course, I will give you the things that you deserve to have, but…”

“Are you refusing If you still insist on having Qiao Xinli become the head, why dont you settle this matter on your own Theres no such thing as a free meal! Even if we are family, he should clean up his own mess!”

No matter how Qiao Dehao tried to calm his daughter down, it wasnt working.

In the end, he began to get annoyed and slammed the table.

“Why do you sound like you want me to die soon”

“Oh, dad, thats where you are wrong.

Youll have to write up your will sooner or later.

Why not do it now”

“You!” It took Qiao Dehao a few minutes to finally come up with an answer.

“Fine, I can write my will up now, but I cant let you inherit everything.

You are going to marry into another family in the end.

The Qiao Family will have to remain controlled by us.

You and your brother will inherit half of everything.”

“…” Qiao Ximin let out a sigh as her heart turned cold.

Han Yaotian was right.

Even if Qiao Dehao, who was a firm believer of patriarchy, would only let her inherit half of the family, the other half would eventually end up in the hands of his useless b*stard son.

To Qiao Dehao, his daughter was nothing more than a chess piece whose sole purpose was to benefit the family—someone who had to sacrifice everything for the family with nothing in return.

That was the pain of being born into such a family.

If they werent going to treat her fairly, she had then decided not to show them any kindness too.

“Fine…” Qiao Ximin got up and took a deep breath as she tried to suppress her anger.

She looked coldly at her father, realizing that she had lost all the respect for him and the warmth she felt from the family.

All that was left in her eyes was her greed.

“Ill marry him for half of the family.”

If the family would not support her, then it wouldnt matter who she married anymore.

At the very least, marrying Han Yaotian would form an alliance between them, and she could still get the things she wanted, even the Qiao Family.

And if her family and her future husbands family werent going to support her, then she was prepared to walk the rest of the path alone.

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