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“Mistress felt very guilty.

She felt that she had been too nosy and harmed that child.

But we all know that only after giving birth can one truly understand the pain of being separated from ones flesh and blood.

She was worried that the child would be sold off by those two people, so she insisted on accompanying them along the way.

She was just too soft-hearted…”

“I never thought… the real Yun Xi would already be dead…”

Yun Xi couldnt help but sigh.

She couldnt tell if it was regret or sadness, but she felt a dull pain in her chest.

It was as if this was all fate.

Because of greed, they killed an innocent child.

Even if Rong Rong did not make a move, that greedy couple would not send the child that the Yun family did not want to the Liang family.

The real Yun Xi would probably be sold to a human trafficker in the end, breaking her limbs and forcing her to beg on the streets…

She vaguely remembered that year when her uncle had brought her into the city.

That was the first time she had been to Muyang Town.

She was very interested in the street stalls that sold all kinds of things in the town, and she could not bear to leave even after a day.

It was then that she realized that there was a profession known as handicapped beggars.

The beggars were a group of girls about five or six years old.

They either had broken arms or legs.

Those without legs dragged their bodies on the ground as they begged.

One of them held a bowl with one arm.

They were dirty and thin, and looked very pitiful.

Later, her uncle told her that these children had been kidnapped and sold by human traffickers.

If they broke their arms and legs and came out to beg, they would gain more sympathy.

The money they earned from begging had to be handed over to the human traffickers.

Sometimes, they would only eat one meal a day.

If the money they earned from begging was too little, they might even get beaten.

She could not imagine how Yun Yuanfeng and Liang Xiuqin would feel if that child had become a beggar on the streets.

“Then what happened What happened next Why was I sent to the Liang family”

Yun Xi raised her head and took out the two silver bangles from her pocket.

“Then why is this bangle that belongs to that child on me”

Aunt Lin looked up and took the silver bangles from Yun Xis hands.

“I remember there were two bangles and a jade pendant…”

“Thats right.

Ive returned the jade pendant to the Jiang family.”

“The bangle fell off the woman when she was running away.

It was supposed to be on the child.

When Mistress picked it up, she planned to go into the village to look for the childs uncle, but before dawn, the killers who were chasing us arrived.

Mistress told me to bring the child to the village first, and they would lure the killer away by car.

The agreement was that we would meet at the villages archway after dawn, but…”

Aunt Lin looked at the bangles in her hand and cried until her eyes were swollen.

“I waited at the village entrance for a whole day and didnt see Mistress come back.

I didnt dare to leave with Little Miss alone, so I waited for a few days, but there was no sign of Mistress… The villagers took pity on me, so they sent me and the baby some food for the first few days.

Later, the baby caught a cold and kept running a fever.

I had no choice but to send the baby to the village to see a doctor.

I ran from the village entrance to the village, and everyone treated me like a lunatic… But I waited for almost a month, and Mistress didnt come back…”

“I was a woman with a child.

I wasnt familiar with the place, and I didnt have any money on me.

Little Miss was sick and running a fever.

I had no choice but to hold on to the last bit of hope.

I managed to find out that the childs uncle was the village head and a high-ranking official.

I thought that instead of Little Miss suffering with me, I might as well use the childs identity to let her live well in the Liang family.

That child can no longer come back, and no one would know if Little Miss replaced that child.

After settling things with the child, I went to the village entrance to wait for Mistress.

If she didnt come in a month, I would wait another month.

If she didnt come in a year, I would wait another year.”

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