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“It was especially cold that day when it snowed in the village.

Little Miss had not weaned yet, and she had finished all the milk powder we had brought with us when we left the house in a hurry.

The female bodyguard asked around the entire village before she managed to buy some goats milk.

We didnt dare to go too far as we were afraid that we would miss Mistress when she returned, so we just waited at the village entrance.

“That day, we waited at the entrance of the village for a long time.

Our hands and feet were almost frozen.

Finally, Mistress came.

However, several killers were chasing after us.

We did not dare enter the village, so we could only run for our lives… After some time, we ran into a couple with a child along the road.

At first, we thought they were abducting the child, but the child was still very young and could not speak.

Later, Mistress asked them to take us along w

“Thankfully, Mu Feichi saved my life.”

She said this for Xiao Jinglin as she didnt want him to worry, but she couldnt help sigh in her heart.

It was like reincarnation—in the end, someone still paid the price.

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