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It turned out that when Xiao Jinglin was about to take over the Xiao family, the Xiao family encountered a crisis of rebellion and business turmoil.

When he was young, Xiao Jinglin was cultured, elegant, and carefree.

He was the most gentlemanly and refined youth among the new generation of the superfamilies.

The Xiao family was thriving, but the Xiao family had always maintained the Chinese tradition of having the eldest son of the family line inherit the family business.

Some of the relatives who were assimilated into the Western way of inheritance were very disdainful of this method.

The direct descendants of the family possessed most of the power, so they naturally became the targets of other ambitious people who were eager to take over their position.

Perhaps it was because he had such a pretty and harmless face that many people in Country F and even in the Xiao family thought that the current head of the family was not tough and cold-blooded enough to suppress the entire family.

Hence, the net of relationships that had been suppressed under the calm lake began to move.

When Old Master Xiao was preparing to retire and let Xiao Jinglin take over the Xiao Group, it was also the most exciting time for the entire family to change.

The two sides joined forces and started a riot.

At that time, Xiao Jinglin was in love with the eldest daughter of the Rong family, Rong Rong.

Although he had expected the internal crisis of the family to transpire and sent her back to the country in a hurry, he didnt expect that those people wouldnt give up, chasing her all the way back until they had crossed the border.

While he was dealing with the internal strife in the Xiao family, Rong Rong, who was sent back to the country, was hunted down.

Regardless of whether it was by the people sent by the Rong family or those he sent from overseas to protect her, they had all gone missing.

In the end, not even their skeletons were found.

What happened after that None of the people that he sent had returned, so he had no idea.

If not for the fact that he was destined to see the bangle, he would never have known that he had a child!

“Mistress rented the apartment with two men and two women.

Then there was a fire in the building, and the place burned down.

She was pregnant and needed someone to take care of her.

To repay her kindness, I stayed by her side to take care of her daily needs so I knew that the child was born.”

“When… was the baby born” Xiao Jinglin rubbed the heated Fortune Bean in his hand and looked up at Aunt Lin.

When their child was born, he was not by her side.

He could not imagine how much the woman he loved had suffered.

Just thinking about it made his heart ache so much that he could barely breathe.

Yun Xi also raised her head.

By borrowing Yun Xis identity, she used the Yun familys childs birth date, and she did not even know her actual date of birth.

“I remember that it was after the winter solstice.

The weather was especially cold.

After Mistress saw the calendar, she was very happy.

She even asked me to buy a few apples from the market outside.

She said that it was some kind of foreigners Christmas Eve.

Im not sure what day it was, but I felt that since both mother and daughter were safe, this Christmas Eve could be considered an auspicious day.”

“The child… did she say what her name was” Xiao Jinglin looked guiltily at the girl sitting opposite him.

His eyes sparkled, and his voice was so hoarse that he almost choked.

“Mistress said the child needed to wait for her father to come back and name her…” Aunt Lin looked at Yun Xi.

The little girl had grown up into a young woman.

Her eyes filled with tears.

“Because she was born on Christmas Eve, her nickname was Little Apple…”

“But the good times didnt last for long.

In just a few months, only two of the four people who had been protecting Mistress came back that day.

They rushed to take Mistress, the baby and me with them.

We didnt even have time to pack our luggage before we left in a car.

We took the baby and escaped from Jingdu to City F.

I wanted to hide in my hometown, but they eventually caught up to us… Mistress said that the four of us bringing a baby around was too big of a target, so we had to split up.

She and the driver led them away, and the female bodyguard and I brought the baby into the village.

We agreed to wait at the village entrance the next day…”

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