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She could also feel that Mu Feichi had grown apart from Si Wenxuan.

He did not have any care in the world for her or her reputation.

Si Wenxuan could embarrass herself as much as she liked and Mu Feichi would not bat an eyelid.

Even in this situation where Mr Xiao and the presidential couple were present, he did not plan on defending Si Wenxuan.

Instead, he watched disinterestedly while Si Wenxuans father stepped up to calm her down.

Mu Feichi must have felt more disappointed toward Si Wenxuan than anyone else.

His feelings were understandable.

Anyone who had looked at Si Wenxuan would have felt the same.

If it was Yun Xi, who was in his shoes, she would have been immeasurably disappointed by the lack of manners from the daughter of the President.

“I dont need you to like me—who are you anyway” Si Wenxuan tilted her head and glared at Yun Xi.

Her anger had completely taken hold of her and she had forgotten the image she had to uphold as the daughter of the President.

“I suddenly realize why Mu Feichi did not let you attend the social banquet, Si Wenxuan.”

The social banquet was another grievance for her.

The mention of it had added more fuel to her anger, especially after Yun Xi had claimed the title as the number one socialite.

Si Wenxuan had been filled with nothing but regret for not being able to participate.

“Brother Feichi did not let me go to save you the spot as the number one socialite! Do you think you could have had that title if I was there He helped you to cheat! What are you insinuating here”

“You are seriously too self-centred! Look at you—you dont have any manners or respect for the elders or guests around you.

This is enough to bring shame to the Presidents family.

Do you think the judges will close an eye because of your status” Yun Xi could no longer hold back her anger.

“Does it occur to you that everywhere you go, you are the face of the Si family, the President and the First Lady Should you be embarrassing them with your poor manners Do you want the public to think that your parents have failed to educate you What will the entire Jun Country think of the President and the First Lady then If you dont get one small thing right, it will ruin all the many other bigger things that you want to do!”

“Yun Xi is right!” Old Master Xiao nodded, as he finally approached the scene and caught what Yun Xi had just said.

“Do you hear yourself, Xuanxuan This is how I know your parents have failed to teach you any manners.

You will be 18 in a few days too! Yet, Yun Xi is more well-mannered and educated than you are! Xiao Jun, you need to watch your daughter!”

As their elder, it was his duty to call a spade a spade, with no partiality.

Although the two young girls may be of the same age, they had grown up in different circumstances.

The one who was spoiled and showered with attention turned out to be the one that was most disappointing.

To his relief, the grandchild of the Xiao family had not disappointed him.

Si Wenxuan was part of the Si family, and her behaviour should be for Old Master Si to worry about.

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“Grandpa! How could you take her side Im your granddaughter too!”

Si Wenxuan thought her dear grandfather would stand on her side but unexpectedly, he took the side of Yun Xi.

“Shes right! I only have your mother and your uncle—one is the First Lady of Jun Country and the other is the head of the Xiao family.

No matter where they go, the name of the Xiao Corporation is one that commands respect.

No matter who you are and where you go, you will always be a face of the Xiao family and our ancestors.

You dont just represent yourself, do you understand that”

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