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They had planned to surprise Si Wenxuan with the good news and reveal Yun Xis true identity once their grandfather had reached the estate as well.

But it seemed like it was certain Si Wenxuan will throw the biggest tantrum once she had been notified.

She knew too that Xiao Jinglin was someone just as unreasonable and defensive when it came to defending the ones he loved.

Now that he had found his daughter again, he would not allow anyone to disrespect her!

Xiao Weijun was so embarrassed by her daughter and her shameless display of disrespect.

“I wont.

I hate this wretched girl…”

“Si Wenxuan!” The booming voice came from no other than Xiao Jinglin, who had overheard the entire exchange.

Si Wenxuan picked up on the sudden change in his voice and turned toward the direction of the car.

Her face paled as soon as she saw her uncle walking toward her.

She had always feared her uncle.

He was the one who had always been strict with her compared to her parents, who spoiled her relentlessly.

“Keep quiet! Where are your manners Did all your etiquette classes go to waste”

Ever since he found his daughter, he had been extremely sensitive to any words that had cursed her or suggested misfortune to befall his daughter.

He hated to hear anyone mention anything malicious toward his daughter.

Yet the only thing his uncultured niece had been saying since they had arrived at the Si family manor were curses after curses—from Si Wenxuan toward Yun Xi.

He could not stomach his anger any further.

“Uncle…” Si Wenxuan fumbled and she looked at Yun Xi, who had turned all her family members against her.

She felt her anger take control and all logical thoughts left her mind.

“Listen well! Yun Xi is my daughter, so she is your cousin! I dont care what you say—you cannot curse your cousin! If you keep this up, I will send you to a boarding school next year! If your parents cant discipline you, I will!”

Yun Xi turned to her father in shock.

His face was red with anger as he harshly scolded Si Wenxuan.

It was her first time seeing someone who was usually so gentle and kind lose his cool.

His anger was not less terrifying than that of Mu Feichis.

“What Shes your daughter”

Si Wenxuans jaw almost dropped to the ground.

Her eyes darted between her infuriated uncle and Yun Xi.

Her mind could not process what she had been told.

“But, how How did she become your daughter Uncle, youre not married!”


“Shes the child of Madam Rong and me, so she is your cousin.

It does not matter if you cant accept it.

She is my daughter, so she is the eldest daughter of the Xiao Family.

Shes of superior birth status to you if you want to compare!”

“I, I dont believe this! This is impossible!”

Si Wenxuan blinked hard.

It was still a challenge to digest what had just been exchanged.

She could not believe that a country bumpkin like Yun Xi had transformed into the daughter of the prestigious Xiao Family overnight.

She could not accept that the wretched girl had become her cousin.

“Right, Yun Xi is your cousin, Xuanxuan.

Shes the only daughter your uncle has.

This was our surprise for you.

We wanted your uncle to tell you in person…”

“I dont want this surprise! I dont want her to be my cousin! I dont even like her!”

Or, to put it more accurately—she was jealous of Yun Xi!

She was jealous that the other common trait between them was their age, yet she had excelled in everything, despite her lowly status.

The man of her dreams had been taken away by Yun Xi.

Her newly found status as the daughter of the Xiao Family had threatened her position as the Presidents daughter.

Si Wenxuan felt as though she had lost all her superiority over her.

“Its fine if you dont like me.

I dont like you too!”

Yun Xi had decided to stay silent by Mu Feichis side ever since she stepped out of the car, and receive berating from Si Wenxuan, but she finally decided to speak up.

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