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Su Donglin had never liked dealing with these types of situations.

Just then, he received a phone call from Yun Xi.

He looked down at the caller ID and casually stood up.

”Fourth Uncle, since this is your family business, Ill leave it to you to handle the rest.”

With that, he answered the phone, then turned around and went upstairs, automatically blocking out the annoying shouts and cries from downstairs.

”…” Hearing Chen Lixues cries on the other end of the receiver, Yun Xi froze for a moment before opening her mouth to speak.

“Ive found the person responsible for broadcasting the video.

Im afraid its someone youd never think to suspect.”

”Who is it” Su Donglin furrowed his brows ever so slightly.

His intelligence network was not as efficient as Young Commander Mus, so it was not surprising at all for them to catch the culprit.

It was just that the Su family had always kept a low profile, and he really couldnt think of anyone else who would attack them without any warning signs.

”Our one and only self-proclaimed noble daughter of the Prime Minister,” smiled Yun Xi.

“The Qiao family is just a pawn of the Qi family.

She was able to do it herself after you removed the emcee that Qiao Ximin had bribed.

She had timed it so perfectly to humiliate the Su family.

Young Master Su, youre a clever man.

You understand what I mean, dont you It seems your family isnt made of steel after all!”

”Thank you for reminding me—I know what needs to be done.

Since someone tried to poke a finger at my family, I wont play nice!”

What he hated most was other families having spies intercepting his family.

The Qi family had gone too far when they stretched their hand into the affairs of the Su family, so he certainly wouldnt mind cutting that hand off!

The Qi family supported the Qiao family and helped them join the ranks of the Big Four Conglomerate Families just so they could facilitate the control of the Big Four.

They were probably planning to get the Big Four on the prime ministers side.

However, the Qi family had a slight miscalculation this time, and if they wanted to get the support for their family by using the power of the Big Four, that would have to be of their own free will!

With the Young Commander around, it would not be that easy for the Qi family to come out on top!

”To express my gratitude, what would you like me to do with Chen Lixue and her daughters”


Yun Xi smiled, “This is your family matter.

I wont interfere, so you can deal with it however you wish.”

Su Donglin was startled by her response.

As if he suddenly understood something, he nodded slightly.

“How very wise of you, Miss Yun.”

Compared with Liang Xinyis ignorance, Yun Xi was quick-witted and thorough.

Since it was a matter that didnt concern her, she simply let the Su family keep their pride and have their say.

Downstairs, Chen Lixue was crying endlessly in dismay.

Liang Xinyi watched with cold eyes as Chen Lixue was kicked a few times, and finally stood up and pulled Su Zongping away from her.

”You Sus are just too much! Is this what you call the upbringing of the wealthy”

Liang Xinyi raised her head with eyes that were swollen from all the crying and sullenly stared at Su Zongping.

Gritting her teeth, she looked menacing and ferocious as if she wanted to devour his flesh and stitch his skin into a blanket.

”Fourth Uncle, didnt you cheat on your wife too This was just a piece of the past before my mother married you, and now youre making such a big fuss about it.

Youre just using this as an excuse to get rid of us.

You should be ashamed of yourselves!”

That last sentence was directed at Su Ximan.

She didnt even know why Su Ximan had dug this video from out of nowhere.

What else if not because they simply wanted to drive them all out of the Su family.

A so-called rich and prestigious family—they were nothing but a bunch of snobs.

If they had a better background or someone with power supporting them, then would they even dare treat them this way

She finally saw with her very own eyes the shameless side of the Su family!

”Liang Xinyi, youre the one who brought shame to the Su name.

Who are we supposed to hold accountable for the damage you caused, if not you Look at all the stupid things that youve done so far.

Isnt it your fault that you ended up where you are today You climbed your way up and into the bed of Third Master Han at such a young age, and you made sure everyone in the circle of Jingdu knew about it.

Now, youve even performed a royal charade in front of the entire circle.

Even if youre not ashamed, I feel ashamed for you! Youre nothing but a lowly country girl—who are you to point your finger at me”

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