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While Mu Feichi was still on his way back, Yun Xi went back to the Yun family house.

No matter whose daughter she was in this life or the previous life, and even if her grandfather did not love her the most, at least he still thought of her as a child of the Yun family and had let her grow up safely in the countryside.

The commotion caused by the explosion had subsided.

The people living in the military residential compound were either officers or chiefs who had seen plenty of such emergencies.

Even without Mu Feichis special forces guarding them, they would not be out troubling anyone unless it was absolutely necessary.

The housekeeper peeped her head out of the house.

When she saw that it was Yun Xi, she hurried to open the door for her.

“My dear Miss Yun Xi, youre finally home! There was just an explosion outside.

Are you okay”

“Im okay, and its safe outside now.

The defense team sent to safeguard the compound is cleaning up the mess and rebuilding the wall.

I just came to see how everyone was doing.

How have you all been lately”

Ever since Liang Xiuqin had been locked away in prison, things at the Yun family had been a lot calmer.

The Second Aunt was in charge of the familys affairs, and with the New Year approaching, Yun Xi had guessed that she would be at home.

“The family is all right.

The Second Madame is preparing goods for the New Year.

I was just wondering when you would be back for the holidays.

Your youngest sister…”

At the mention of Yun Chuhan, the housekeeper started complaining ceaselessly about her.

She had fought to take on the crucial responsibility of being the head of the family from Yun Xi.

Since Yun Xi had no time to pay her any mind, she simply asked her Second Aunt to delegate some responsibilities to Yun Chuhan and allow herself to take a breather, while keeping an eye on her, just in case she stirred up any trouble.

“Since Yun Chuhan was so eager to help with the New Years shopping, Second Aunt will have one thing less to worry about.”

After entering the house, Yun Xi saw her aunt coming out of the kitchen.

“Second Aunt, its safe outside now.

Auntie, why dont you go upstairs and let Grandpa know Dont let the old man worry.”


“Sure!” The housekeeper immediately turned around and went up the stairs.

“There was just a bombing outside, and youre back so suddenly” Second Aunt wiped her hands and poured her a cup of hot tea that was keeping warm in a thermos.

“Whats going on out there anyway”

“The culprit is likely someone unafraid of death whos deliberately causing trouble.

The defense team is already dealing with it.

And the security of the military residences has been heightened to first-class defense.

Its nearing the end of the year, so just be more careful if you go out.”

“Of course, that I will! When does your holiday start anyway Ive done some year-end shopping for you.

Its the first time that Yun Chuhan is in charge.

She keeps eyeing me for fear that Ill cause trouble for her, and she even counted every penny I spent on buying your gifts.

Seeing the way she was being so calculating really cracked me up.

When I told her later that the money Id spent was what you had given me, the expression on her face was simply hilarious!”

“Its good that she knows how to be careful and thrifty, or she might end up becoming unbridled by power.

Theres no need to prepare too many gifts for the family visits at the end of the year.

I can take some time out and buy the rest myself.”

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Since the New Year was just around the corner, she had to pay a visit to the Jiang family and the Chen family to pass on her New Years blessings.

Moreover, there were several more families that she needed to visit this year, especially the Mu family and the other Jiang family.

She would always remember the kindness that others had shown her, and generously repaying every single bit of it was simply the natural thing to do.

“Since the Young Commander has made your relationship with him public, will you be paying the Mu family a visit this New Year The Mus are a big family and can be very particular when it comes to gift-giving.

Be sure to make proper preparations and dont let people look down on you.

Although our family is hardly rich or noble, we are still considered to be well-off and certainly not inferior compared to the Mus.

As a daughter of the Yun family, you should know to love and respect yourself, and not worry too much about finding yourself a husband.

Just dont let yourself be mistreated, thats all!”

“Okay…” Yun Xi bit the insides of her cheek and felt a sudden pang of emotion gushing up from her nostrils.

These caring words should have been said to her by her mother.

However, she knew it was impossible to hear these words coming from her own mothers mouth, certainly not in this lifetime.

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