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The car lights lit up the scene dimly.

Hearing footsteps, Mu Feichi looked up at the figure running down the stairs and walked toward the stairway.

“How are you Are you hurt” Under the dim light, Mu Feichi reached out and pulled her into his embrace.

The moment his hand touched her arm, he heard her gasp.

The vigilant man suddenly let go.

Lowering his eyes, he saw that his palm was covered in blood.

His already displeased expression turned even more disgruntled.

As if sensing the sudden emotions of the man beside her, Yun Xi raised her eyes and forced out a smile.

“Im fine.

Its just a small injury.”

The man, who had been worried the whole time, had his heart hanging in his throat.

Now that he saw that she had been injured, how could he calm down

The easily jealous man glanced at Qi Yitan, who was coming down the stairs, and his temper rose.

His cold and angry voice rang out, “You call this fine Do you know that such penetrating wounds can cause continuous arterial bleeding”

What if they had come a little later, and she had failed to stop the bleeding

What if they had arrived late, and she had gotten injured again

When he thought about the countless possibilities of what could have happened to her, he felt terrified

Yun Xi looked at the jealous man in front of her with a stupefied expression.

After being scolded in front of so many people, she felt both embarrassed and angry.

“Im a medical student, so I know better than you whether my vitals have been injured or not.

Furthermore, even if Im injured, I can save myself, so why are you yelling at me”

“How can you still find a reason to argue when youre injured like this” Mu Feichi could not get angry at the little demon who was glaring at him in an innocent manner.

His eyes darkened.

In the end, he gritted his teeth and said threateningly, “Ill deal with you when we get back!”

“Im not afraid of you!” Every time he got mad at her, his bark was always worse than his bite.

Young Commander Mu, who was easily jealous, only needed her reassurance and coaxing and would be fine.

If this method did not work, there was still the honey trap.

Mu Feichi snorted and looked at Qi Yitan, who was walking forward.

He frowned and said, “Young Master Qi, what a coincidence!”

“I think its quite a coincidence to see Young Commander Mu here too!”

Mu Feichi glanced at him indifferently, as if he did not want to say anything more and ordered him to leave.

“The matter has already been resolved.

If theres nothing else, please go back to where you came from.”

Qi Yitan narrowed his eyes and pretended that he did not hear Mu Feichis order to leave.

He turned around and looked at Yun Xi.

His gaze swept past Mu Feichis domineering embrace and finally landed on her injured arm.

“Girl, I cant repay you for saving my life.” HMM…

Qi Yitan looked up and smiled at the little thing who had had a change of expression.

Under the dim yellow light from the car, her eyes were especially deep and clear, like a bottomless pool that could swallow him up.

“There is no need to repay me.” Before he finished speaking, Yun Xi interrupted him.

Qi Yitan seemed to have expected her to say that.

He smiled and said, “How can I not do that I feel so sorry for causing you to be hurt so badly.

I cant repay you enough.

Why dont I…give myself to you”

His words carried a hint of teasing, immediately making Yun Xis face darken.

The jealousy jar beside her that was Mu Feichi had long been overturned.

Even if Mu Feichi did not have any ulterior motives toward Qi Yitan, saying this in front of Mu Feichi was equivalent to provoking him in public.

As he said this, Qi Yitan turned to look at Young Commander Mu, who had a cold look in his eyes, provoking him.

Yun Xi looked back and forth between the two of them and couldnt help but laugh.

She tilted her head and held Mu Feichis arm, smiling as she squinted at Qi Yitan.

“I really cant accept Young Master Qis love, and youre too late.

The Young Commander has already promised himself to me.

I am not like Empress Wu, and dont have the habit of keeping male concubines, so you can forget about it.

Its getting late, so go back to where you came from.

Bye, bye…”

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