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Chapter 160: Yun Xi, You Are a Natural-Born Strategist

Liang Xinyi had naively assumed that her aunt would continue to support her, but unfortunately she was nothing but a chess piece who was still useful at the moment.

Once she lost her value, she would be abandoned.

Standing on the stairs, Yun Xi watched Liang Xinyi going downstairs.

The more enraged she was at this moment, the more happy Yun Xi felt.

Clap, clap.

Applause sounded from the left.

Yun Xi turned her head and saw Zhao Yumo, who appeared to have nothing better to do than watch the goings-on.

“What a wonderful farce!”

Zhao Yumo came over and stood beside Yun Xi with a cynical expression on her face as she leaned against the railing lazily.

“How unexpected that you, who seemed like a gentle little white rabbit, have such a tough side.

It seems true that even rabbits will bite people when they are pushed over the edge.”

“Youre a little white rabbit!”

Yun Xi gave her a sulky look.

Zhao Yumo must have heard her threatening Liang Xinyi just now, so she didnt bother continuing to pretend.

Perhaps it was because she believed from the bottom of her heart that Zhao Yumo would not become her enemy that she let down her guard and showed her true colors.

“If Im a little white rabbit, then you are a sly little fox!” Zhao Yumo turned her head and stared at Yun Xi with awe.

“You overestimate me!”

“No, Yun Xi, your potential is limitless.

You are witty enough, and you have the means as well as the courage.

I am very fortunate not to be your enemy.”

Liang Xinyi had been trying to sabotage her without getting her own hands dirty, but shed seem through her entire scheme.

Shed even gotten rid of Yang Lu as Liang Xinyis pawn first, and, by using her own pawn against her, shed let Liang Xinyi dig her own grave.

With this farce, shed refurbished her reputation and won everyones sympathy.

They not only hadnt taken advantage of her, but theyd also suffered public humiliation, and theyd have to accept the schools punishment.

Her father, her scumbag mother, and Liang Xinyi were all chess pieces in her hands.

Shed used Liang Xinyi, made her father deal with her mother, and also won over Yang Lu, a classmate who had been resentful of her.

She had been aware of what was going on the entire time and calmly stayed in control of the entire situation.

She had the composure of a natural-born strategist.

Zhao Yumo doubted that she would have known how to deal with this matter so well.

Yet all Yun Xi had done was use a piece of wool to settle the matter handsomely.

Yun Xi smiled at her.

“Im also very glad that you arent my enemy.”

Zhao Yumo had a straightforward disposition that she liked.

There were too many drama queens around her, and she didnt want people she cared about to be catty toward her.

That sort of life was too exhausting.

“If we cant be enemies, perhaps we can be friends” Zhao Yumo smiled brightly and reached out to her to shake hands.

“Zhao Yumo, the second place incumbent.”

“Yun Xi, the second place incumbent who shall succeed you.”

At the moment Zhao Yumo never imagined that one day in the future, when the Zhao family fell apart due to internal conflict, Yun Xi would actually help her secure her position as the Zhao familys heiress.

On Friday morning, after waking up, old Madame Chen suddenly found that she had regained feeling in her legs!

She was even able get up from the bed and get into the wheelchair without someone supporting her.

Upon seeing that her legs were working, Mrs.

Chen was so excited that she shouted, “Chen Chen! Wan Yun! Come here!”

Jiang Wanyun and her husband, who had just gotten up, heard her voice, and, thinking that something was wrong, they hurried over.

“Mom, what happened”

As soon as Chen Ziliang opened the door, he saw his mother standing up.

He was completely stunned.

“Mom, you can stand up now!” Chen Ziliang turned to look at his wife excitedly.

Jiang Wanyun was also startled and came forward to help.

Old Madame Chen interrupted her, took a few cautious steps, then sat back on the bed happily after making sure that her legs could indeed move.

She raised her head to look at her son and daughter-in-law with a joyful smile.

“Im cured! That girl Yun Xi really cured my illness!”

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