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Chapter 16: You Want to Leave Before Repaying Your Debt

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In order to make a good impression in front of this big brother, Liang Danyi wanted nothing more than to use all the tricks up her sleeve to make herself appear well educated, sensible, and graceful.

However, she neglected to notice the contempt in Qi Yuans eyes as she rushed to the door and tried to make him notice her.

“Big brother is completely righteous, so of course he wouldnt lie.

But Yun Xi, big brother was kind enough to rescue you, so you cant take advantage of him to frame my mom! How could you bear to do that to him”

Liang Danyi pretended to feel indignation for Qi Yuan while directly pushing the blame onto Yun Xi.

They were obviously the ones who had harmed her, but with this one statement, she had turned Yun Xi into an ungrateful person who had taken advantage of a savior to attack her own family!

This changed the topic while also turning Yun Xi into a pariah.

This Liang Danyi was much smarter than Liang Xinyi, her older sister, who only knew how to pretend to be demure and sensible!

Yun Xi glanced at Liang Danyis disgustingly coy self, then looked at Qi Yuan who was completely ignoring her.

The corners of her lips subtly curled.

“Whether I am taking advantage of the older brother or simply telling the truth, the older brother knows much better than you.

Youre claiming Im speaking nonsense just because I dont have evidence I can only hope that Auntie is able to sleep at night!”

She turned around and purposely looked at Chen Lixue with a slightly sarcastic smile.

“Why wouldnt I be able to sleep at night There is no evidence, and this wretched girl is pushing all the blame on me.

Even though I raised you like my own daughter, this is how you want to repay me!”

Chen Lixue didnt feel any shame when she said such things.

Several of the neighbors knew the entire truth about how Chen Lixue had treated Yun Xi every day.

They all revealed distasteful looks when they heard this.

With her eyes half squinted, Yun Xi gave a bright and infuriating smile to Chen Li Xue.

“Auntie, no need to fret! When I go back to Jingdu and bring Cousin back, Ill make sure toproperly repay you for all your generosity!”

Chen Lixue instantly panicked when she heard that Yun Xi still intended to return to Jingdu.

She had done all of this in order to allow Liang Xinyi to replace her and sneakily steal away the position as the rich heiress.

She had never expected that Yun Xi the little b*tch would survive!

If Yun Xi returned, then all of Chen Lixues plans would be destroyed!

She wouldnt allow Yun Xi to go home, no matter what!

A thought crossed her mind, and Chen Lixue directly reached out to grab Yun Xi, squeezing tightly on her wrist.

Yun Xis wrist had already been scratched by the dead branches and when it was squeezed like that, it hurt so much she exhaled sharply.

“No way! I wont let you leave! I raised you for so many years, and you want to leave before you repay me How could anyone be as ungrateful as you”

Yun Xi looked up and laughed at Chen Lixues shamelessness.

“Auntie, you didnt spend a penny of the living allowances the Yun family has been sending all these years on me.

Ive only used the money earned by Uncle for all my food, supplies, and clothes, so I need to really repay him, but not you.”

“What belongs to your uncle belongs to me; we dont separate the two! Im also your auntie, so shouldnt you repay me!”

Yun Xi latched onto Chen Lixues sore spot and smiled.

“I already told you earlier: bring Cousin back, and Ill naturally repay you!”

“Thats not necessary! You can repay me by staying in our home!”

“Since Auntie is so reluctant to bring Cousin back, doesnt that mean youre guilty Im a daughter of the Yun family, not your Liang family! You had Cousin replace me and return to the Yun family.

But if you cant get rid of me, Liang Xinyi can only use the last name of Liang and she cant change into a Yun! Thats why you did such an evil thing and pushed me off the cliff!”

Yun Xi was a child who had been fostered by the Liangs to begin with.

However, Chen Lixue was so adamant about her not leaving and had desperately latched onto Yun Xi to forbid her from going back to the Yuns.

Also, Liang Xinyi wasnt even there.

The spectating villagers could figure out what was going on.

They dared to assume that Chen Lixue really had committed an atrocious act in order to allow her own precious daughter to replace the real Yun Xi and enter the Yun family.

She had pushed the real Yun heiress down a cliff!

How abhorrent!

Everyone instantly changed the way they looked at Chen Lixue.

They whispered to each other and showed all sorts of contempt and disdain.

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