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“Shut the h*ll up! What are you talking about”

The mention of being drugged made Qiao Ximin jump out of her chair as her face turned pale.

Even if Liang Xinyi were to spill everything, Qiao Ximin would not want the rest of the world to know what had really happened at the hotel that night.

The world had been talking about the one-night stand shed had with Han Yaotian, but she didnt want people to talk about the humiliating truth where she had actually been drugged.

If the news were to talk about the fact that she had been drugged, and right after what had happened to Liang Xinyi, people might start saying that shed ended up in Han Yaotians bed after having a blast with a few other men.

“You can only blame yourself.

How dumb can you be to be played by three men What does this have to do with me”

Qiao Ximin tried to shift the focus onto Liang Xinyi, but she had failed to understand how desperate the latter was.

“Its you.

I know it was you! Thats right.

I was the one who drugged your drink that night.

We were on the same floor that night.

Who knows Maybe the three men also had sex with you before you ended up in Han Yaotians room”

“You b*tch! Shut the h*ll up!”

Qiao Ximin didnt even dare to think of that possibility and was even more afraid that the other guests would start to believe that.

She quickly raised her hand and slapped Liang Xinyi.

If the guests had believed Liang Xinyis words, it wouldnt take long before all of Jingdu learned about it as well.

She wasnt worried about the one-night stand.

If she had no choice, all she had to do was marry Han Yaotian.

However, if people thought that shed had sex with a couple of men under the influence, not only would she embarrass the Han family, but she would lose all of her reputation.

“Why should I shut up! Who do you think you are”

The angered Qiao Ximin and the desperate Liang Xinyi soon started throwing punches and kicks at each other.

None of the guests who were enjoying the show even bothered to stop them.

It was as if they were still trying to make out what the short exchange between Liang Xinyi and Qiao Ximin was about.

There was too much information relayed, and their imaginations were starting to run wild.

Liang Xinyi might not be important, but Qiao Ximin was fundamentally different.

She was the young lady of the Qiao family, a family that had just become part of the big four wealthiest families.

On the other hand, Han Yaotian was the heir of the Han family.

If what Liang Xinyi had said was true, then both of the Han family brothers had had their fiancees cheat on them.

Yun Xi looked at these two ladies fighting without an ounce of emotion on her face.

There was no remorse or kindness in her eyes.

She had lived one full life and was living another one, but never did she ever think that she would see Liang Xinyi and Qiao Ximin in such terrible trouble.

Liang Xinyi had lost all her reputation and everything that she had been working toward, while Qiao Ximin wasnt doing that well either.

Yun Xis cousin had been doing everything she could, even resorting to foul means, to climb up the ladder.

Now, she had lost everything and her dream of being married into a successful family had been completely shattered.

As for Qiao Ximin, this was only the beginning.

Qi Yitan quickly looked at the lady next to him whose eyes were filled with a hatred and coldness that could make one shiver.

He was too familiar with the killing intent in her eyes.

It was the same eyes that a soldier had when faced with his enemies.

However, the expression only lasted for a few seconds.

When Qi Yitan blinked, the coldness and ruthlessness in her eyes were gone.

It was replaced with a calm and steady stare.

She was a lady who had just become an adult.

Sometimes she was mysterious and sometimes she was innocent and cute.

Those were two different sides of a coin, and Qi Yitan wondered which was the real her.

That only made him more interested in her.

Yun Xi nodded to Su Ximan before dragging Zhao Yumo out of the hotel with her.

Behind her, the screams of Liang Xinyi and Qiao Ximin remained loud.

Su Zongping even slapped Chen Lixue twice before leaving the hotel with fumes coming out of his nose.

Knowing that someone would handle the mess later, Yun Xi decided to leave as what happened after that did not interest her.

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