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Su Ximan also flinched when she saw the video.

She turned to look at Yun Xi, who shook her head, indicating that she knew nothing about it either.

Yun Xi was equally confused about the situation.

Shed thought that Su Donglin had already gotten rid of the sex tape and that it wouldnt be played at the engagement party.

The whole hall was in chaos.

After being slapped hard by Han Zhongteng, Liang Xinyi now sat on the floor, crying and embarrassed to get up.

As Liang Xinyi wasnt officially part of the Su family, Han Zhongteng could not vent his anger at them.

He looked at Su Ximan and announced, “The engagement is off.

Do what you want with her.”

Han Zhongteng had already lost his patience helping Liang Xinyi clean up her messes all the time.

He knew that he wouldnt be able to hold himself back if he stayed at the venue any longer.

His parents were both furious and left with him as well.

Other members of the Han family slowly left after that.

Even Han Yaotian didnt remain on the scene.

After witnessing such a great show, he was basically hopping happily out of the hotel.

With the Han family gone, the other guests left as well.

Those who remained were the people who still wanted to see the incident through to the end.

Liang Xinyi, who was covering her face and crying, suddenly got up and charged at Yun Xi.

Noticing her actions, Qi Yitan quickly got up, spun his chair around, and blocked Liang Xinyis way.

His movement was so fast that she didnt even see it and almost fell forward.

“You b*stard! You did it, didnt you It had to be you.”

With the video now made public, Liang Xinyis life in Jingdu was completely ruined.

All her reputation, her future, the riches she was hoping for, were now all gone.

Word would get out, and everyone would learn that Liang Xinyi had had sex with three men by the next day.

She would become the topic of sarcasm and humiliation overnight.

No one would want to take her in as their wife anymore.

All the struggles she had gone through in the past were now completely meaningless.

Her dreams were completely shattered.

The worst of it all was that there was nothing she could do to remedy that.

Yun Xi glanced at Qi Yitan before turning innocently to look at her cousin.

“Liang Xinyi, why are you blaming me for what youve done Instead of doing that, why dont you think who you have offended recently”

Liang Xinyi was stunned for a second before she turned to look at Qiao Ximin, who was still sitting at the table next to Yun Xi.

The first thing that came to Liang Xinyis mind was the day when she tried to drug Han Yaotian.

Qiao Ximin had been drugged because of that and the two had ended up in bed together.

After what happened that night, it was natural that Qiao Ximin would suspect Han Yaotian of drugging her first.

However, after going through the details, she wouldve realized that the only drink she drank that night had been from Liang Xinyi.

What puzzled Liang Xinyi was who had drugged her and filmed what happened that night.

She was sure that what had happened at the party was Qiao Ximins work, but she had no idea how the young miss of the Qiao family had gotten her hands on the video.

Since Qiao Ximin had also been a victim that night, it was impossible for her to have arranged for someone to record her having sex with three men.

The only other person she could think of who would do that was Han Yaotian.

The thought of that sent a shiver down her spine as she suddenly realized that she had become a pawn in a bigger scheme.

A scheme that had resulted in her ruining all of the reputation that she had worked so hard to obtain.

She had done everything she could during the past two years to climb up the ladder.

She had even sacrificed herself to achieve her goals.

Never had she ever thought that she would end up like this.

Liang Xinyi turned around and glared at Qiao Ximin.

Her face was completely twisted in anger as she gritted her teeth and yelled, “Qiao Ximin! It was you! You did this.”

Qiao Ximin was grinning because she had finally gotten the revenge she wanted.

“Oh Liang Xinyi, what are you talking about”

“I have nothing to lose anymore.

But dont think I wont drag you down with me.

You are doing this because you slept with Han Yaotian, right Because you drank the drugged alcohol that was supposed to be for him!”

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