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Every time she saw this man, she felt uncomfortable.

She didnt know if it was because Mu Feichi, the Young Commander of Jun Country, had affected her feelings toward him, or because Qi Yichen, the Prime Ministers son, had an annoying personality, but she felt terrified when he looked at her.

This man seemed to be a contradiction.

He had the iron-blooded aura of a soldier and the decisiveness of a young master from an aristocratic family.

He was probably not much weaker than Mu Feichi.

Qi Siyu gave Yun Xi a quick glance, still having that arrogant and insufferably arrogant attitude.

She turned around and directly walked toward the guests who were waiting for them.

The arrival of the Qi siblings undoubtedly gave the Su family and the Han family a lot of pride.


and Mrs.

Han were flattered and led Qi Siyu and Qi Yichen to the main seating area.

The leaders of the three noble families were not present, so the Han siblings were the biggest VIPs tonight.

From a distance, Yun Xi watched as Chen Lixue nodded and smiled at Qi Yichen like a benevolent mother-in-law.

The wrinkles at the corners of her eyes were deep enough to crush a fly.

Even Liang Danyi suddenly became gentle and quiet.

Her look of wanting to throw herself at him made her look like a joke.

Zhao Yumo really couldnt watch this any longer.

She sneered and turned her head.

“Yun Xi, look at how enthusiastic that mother-and-daughter pair are.

Theyre just short of preparing a room for him to enter the bridal chamber.

Dont they know that their table manners arent good enough”

“This is the young master of the Prime Ministers family.

Anyone who knows his identity would try to curry favor with him.

Plus, its not easy to meet him.

After tonight, there might not be another opportunity like this.”

Since Liang Xinyi was being engaged to the Han family, Chen Lixue naturally wouldnt let go of this opportunity to let Liang Danyi marry into a wealthy family.

Moreover, the Qi family was a prestigious family with political and business backgrounds.

Their status was much higher than the Han family.


The banquet had already begun.

Yun Xi had attended using Mu Feichis invitation and had arranged to sit at the main table with Su Ximan.

As soon as she sat down, someone sat down beside her.

She turned to look at the figure sitting on her right and could not help but frown.

She wanted to change seats with Su Ximan, but when she saw that Qi Siyu was sitting next to Su Ximan, she decided not to do anything.

Just as she gave up on the idea, Liang Danyi, who was sitting at the same table as she was, suddenly jumped up.

Seeing that she was about to push her out of her seat, Yun Xi retreated and quickly dodged to the end of the table.

Liang Danyi, who was slower than her by a beat, didnt expect Yun Xi to move.

Her entire body fell onto the dining table, and the bowls and chopsticks on the table all clattered together.

All the guests at the table turned to look at them.

Liang Danyi was sprawled on the dining table in a sorry state.

She struggled to stand up and was about to shout at Yun Xi when she looked up and saw that everyone was looking at her.

Her expression, which had yet to flare up, froze on her face.

It was both amusing and pathetic.

She had originally wanted to pull Yun Xi, that wretched girl, away so that she could occupy the seat beside Young Master Qi.

Unexpectedly, that wretched girl had actually gotten up on her own, causing her to be in such a sorry state.

She was deeply embarrassed!

Su Ximan sneered.

“Liang Danyi, if you want to embarrass yourself, dont pick a place like this.

Are you afraid that your sister wont attract enough attention and you want to top it off”

“I…” Liang Danyi had suffered quite a bit under Su Ximans hands, so she naturally did not dare to give her a quick retort.

She could only glare angrily at Yun Xi, who was standing beside her as if nothing had happened and pulled her down with her in her resentment.

“I…I just saw that my cousin did not want to sit here, so I came over to change seats with her.

Who knew that she would push me”

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