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Yun Xi looked at the two people standing in front of her without changing her expression.

She knew that nothing good was going to happen when they came over, but she did not expect Han Zhongteng to act so enlightened.

Not only did he put on a big act to earn her sympathy, he even pulled Liang Xinyi over.

It looked like Han Yaotian had given him enough provocation.

Coupled with the number of affairs that Liang Xinyi had embarrassed him with, he had finally got the hint.

He did not plan to walk down Liang Xinyis path anymore.

In Han Zhongtengs mind, there were no lifelong enemies or grudges, and he only valued benefits.

Since a few good words and an apology would solve all the problems, he would definitely choose the fastest shortcut.

Liang Xinyi was different.

The jealousy, envy, and hatred between these women and a grudge of more than ten years could not be resolved with just a few words.

Yun Xi looked coldly at Liang Xinyis life-and-death struggle and her unwillingness to apologize.

Her expression was ugly and hateful.

Han Zhongteng saw that Liang Xinyi was still in a daze.

His right hand, which was on the back of Liang Xinyis hand, patted the back of her hand.

His action was very light, but it made Liang Xinyi shiver.

Only after a long time did she forcefully squeeze out a few words.

“Yun Xi…in the past, I misunderstood you.

There should be no enmity between cousins.

You are the bigger person, so please dont hold this against me.”

It was supposed to be an apology, but there was no sincerity in Liang Xinyis words.

She spoke in a high and mighty tone, as if Yun Xi was the one who should apologize.

Yun Xi really wanted to laugh at Liang Xinyis lousy acting.

Even at this time, she was still giving her attitude.

She was really curious about who had given her the courage to behave this way.


“Whether or not you misunderstood me in the past, thats your business.

I can let bygones be bygones, but I will not forgive you.”

Whether in her previous life or this life, she and Liang Xinyi would never rest until one of them was dead.

Forgiveness was something only a saint would do.

She was just an ordinary person and was not that magnanimous.

“You…” Liang Xinyi did not expect Yun Xi to embarrass her in front of everyone.

Her face turned pale and her expression became hideous.

Especially since Han Zhongteng was still by her side.

If Yun Xi slapped her face like this, it was equivalent to directly cutting off her last glimmer of hope with Han Zhongteng.

“Dont go overboard! Ive already apologized to you, so what else do you want” Liang Xinyi was anxious, and she could not think straight.

Liang Xinyis aggressive tone instantly made Han Zhongteng frown.

If not for the guests around, he would really have wanted to give Liang Xinyi a slap.

“Shut up!” Han Zhongteng was afraid that this idiot Liang Xinyi would say something irreversible again, so he turned around and glared at her coldly.

She was really unable to accomplish anything, but could ruin everything.

“Miss Yun, the engagement banquet is about to start.

Lets talk later!” Han Zhongteng politely nodded at Yun Xi and pulled the annoyed Liang Xinyi toward the stage.

Once the two of them had left, Han Yaotian could not help but sneer.

“Miss Yun, this cousin of yours is so arrogant.”

Yun Xi curled her lips and didnt say anything.

She raised her eyes and looked toward the entrance.

The arrival of Qi Siyu and her brother instantly attracted the attention of all the guests in the banquet hall.

Qi Siyu was dressed in a champagne-colored lacy fishtail gown.

Her dress had a low-cut V-neck design.

Every inch of the dress fit her waist perfectly, outlining her perky and round buttocks.

Her perfect figure attracted the eyes of many men present.

As expected of the top socialite of the previous cohort, no matter where Qi Siyu appeared, the taste and charm that she displayed were all proportional to her status.

Yun Xi couldnt help but narrow her eyes and look away, accidentally meeting Qi Yichens gaze.

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