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Jing Lings workshop was on the highest floor of the mall.

Most of the time he would only accept VIP customers, and even then, they would need to make an appointment before he would even allow them into his workshop.

Liang Xinyi had been eyeing a new dress that Jing Ling had designed.

She knew she had to get it the moment she saw it in a magazine a few months back.

It took her a lot of effort to convince Han Zhongteng to make an appointment for her, and yet Jing Ling refused to sell her the dress.

Jing Lings works had always been the symbols of high status in Jingdu.

Young ladies and madames from prestigious families all dreamed of wearing one of his dresses some day.

However, he was the type of person who was so stubborn that he wouldnt even show any respect to people he didnt deem worthy.

No amount of money could bribe him or compel him to serve people he didnt want to serve.

Yet, everything that Yun Xi wore had been designed and made by Jing Ling.

Liang Xinyi could not believe that a worthless lady from nowhere was able to show off as much as the First Lady.

She still believed that if her cousin had not caught the Young Commanders attention, Yun Xi would still have remained a nobody.

“Sis, if I recall correctly, Su Ximan did mention that Jing Lings workshop is around here.

Rumor has it that hes extremely handsome and his dresses are all very unique.

Can we go up and have a look”

It had been half a year since Liang Danyi had arrived in Jingdu.

Even though she had suffered a lot in the Su family, she still had not learned how to read situations or other peoples body language.

She couldnt tell from her sisters change of expression that her words had enraged Liang Xinyi.

Liang Xinyi turned to glare at Liang Danyi and scolded her, “What for Can you afford anything there”

Being yelled at by her sister, Liang Danyi bit her lip and hid behind her mother, keeping her mouth shut.

“What are you yelling at your sister for Normal people can never afford Jing Lings dresses.

Even Su Ximan only has a couple of them.

Whats the point of buying something like that if you are only going to wear it once Its better to buy a few dresses that you are going to wear a couple of times with the same amount of money.”

Liang Xinyi had always hated her mothers petty attitude.

Chen Lixues words only amplified the anger Liang Xinyi had toward Yun Xi.

She finally could not hold in her rage any longer and threw a fit.

“What the h*ll do you know Having a high status means everything in todays society.

Everyone looks at you differently if you can wear his dresses.

Look at Su Ximan! Shes the young miss of the Su family.

Wherever she goes, everything she wears represents her identity.

Look at me.

I have nothing.”

Even Yun Xi was the young miss of the Yun family, while Liang Xinyi was just the stepdaughter of the Su family, an existence that was looked down on by all the young misses and masters.

Liang Xinyi did not have a high status in society, nor did she come from a prestigious family.

She had to fight for everything on her own and there was no one she could blame except for her mother.

“Its all your fault.

If you had won Yun Yuanfeng instead of Liang Xiuqin, I wouldve become the young miss of the Yun family.

Everything that Yun Xi has now would be mine.

Its so unfair!”

Liang Xinyi kept on blaming Chen Lixue for giving birth to her into the Liang famiily instead of the Yun family.

That was especially true when Yun Xi had gotten everything Liang Xinyi had ever dreamed of.

“You are blaming me Look at yourself Are you successful If you had listened to me and gone back to the Yun family as Yun Xi, everything she has now wouldve been yours.

You are the one who lost to her, and youre blaming me now” Chen Lixue yelled back because her daughter had opened the wound that she had been trying to hide for years.

In order for her daughters to climb up the ladder and become successful, Chen Lixue had done everything to please the Su family.

Even after doing that, not only were her daughters not showing any signs of gratitude for her sacrifice, but Liang Xinyi even blamed their situation all on her.

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