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Mu Feichi went into the Presidents Office and handed the President the file he had brought with him.

“After a thorough investigation, I suspect that someone from our country has been conspiring with foreign armed groups to interfere with the extraction mission,” Mu Feichi reported.

“The virus outbreak is connected as well.

The virus has the same strain as the one that was stolen from Crocodiles bioweapons laboratory.”

Si Jingtings expression turned serious as soon as he received the report from the Young Commander.

For an international drug lord to cause such a huge mess in Jingdu, they knew they had to remove him from the equation, or else a riot, or something even worse, could happen at any moment.

“Looks like not only does this Crocodile control some of the big families in Jingdu, but he also has spies here, imbedded into our government and military too.

We have to find them and get rid of them, or else no matter how well we are prepared for it, unexpected things will still happen.”


Also, Crocodile has set Yun Xi as his next target.

Ill have to find him and apprehend him no matter what.”

“Yun Xi…” Si Jingtings expression quickly changed into a delighted one.

“She sure is Jings daughter.

The way she executes her plans and how she uses her resources are just like her father.”

“Like father, like daughter, I guess…” Mu Feichi smiled.

“She has grown into a fine lady for sure.

Even if she wasnt the heir of the Xiao family, she would still be able to shine brightly.”

Compared to Yun Xi, Si Wenxuan, who was the same age, was arrogant and spoiled.

Yun Xi had become an existence that would live inside the Young Commanders heart forever.

Si Jingting nodded.

The conversation reminded him of his own daughter.

Despite being the same age, Si Wenxuan wasnt even half as smart or as thoughtful as Yun Xi, nor did she possess Yun Xis courage.

“If Wenxuan was just half as good as Yun Xi, then I wouldnt have to worry about her so much…”

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Ever since Mu Feichi had decided to not care about Si Wenxuan anymore, he had stopped asking about her condition.

Si Jingting and Xiao Weijun had realized that the Young Commander had already given up on Si Wenxuan, and there was nothing they could do about it.

After making his report on the extraction mission and explaining his future plans, Mu Feichi left right away.

Even the President could not stop the Young Commander from leaving.

5,000 yards above sea level, Xiao Jinglin sat in his own private jet.

He sipped his coffee as he watched a video on his laptop.

He had remained in this same position for hours.

He had browsed through all the photos that Mu Feichi had given him on his way to the airport.

There were photos of Yun Xi in white lab coats and winning international awards.

The photos were a diary of Yun Xis life and growth after she had returned to Jingdu.

Each and every photo made Xiao Jinglin proud as her father.

He had watched the surgery video that was playing on his laptop back at the Presidents official residence before.

However, watching it again finally made him understand why Yun Xi looked so familiar to him.

She had decided to walk down the same path as her mother, the path of a doctor whom everyone respected.

Even the way Yun Xi held the scalpel was a perfect reflection of Rong Rong.

He could even see that his daughter was so focused throughout the operation that it almost felt as if she was the only person there.

“Boss! We have already relayed your orders.

Things should be up and moving before we land at country M.”

Xiao Jinglin diverted his attention from his screen and turned to Xiaoliu.

“Crocodile has made Yun Xi his target.

Even though no one from the Xiao family would dare to make such a huge move, the moment word that Yun Xi is my daughter gets out, there is bound to be some idiot who will try to use her to threaten me.

Let everyone know that no matter who they are, if they even dare to touch a single strand of Yun Xis hair, Ill have them dead!”

Xiao Jinglin had already made an example once by slaughtering those who had tried to bring his family down.

Now that he had a daughter, he was willing to do the same thing again.

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