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Every headline in Jingdu at this time was about Mu Feichis extraction mission in country F.

The interviews and reports of his mission boosted the Young Commanders popularity in Jun Country even more.

In the dining room of the Qi family mansion, the Prime Minister, Qi Linzhou, was watching the news when he turned to glance at his son.

who was rarely seen eating breakfast at home, and pointed at the name of the man who people never saw but still praised.

“Look at Mu Feichi.

How long will it take for you to reach his level”

Qi Yitan looked at the news on the TV and smirked.

He took a sip of his coffee and scoffed, “What Now you are suddenly not against me joining the army”

A few years back, the Prime Minister had said that he would rather disown his son than let Qi Yitan join the military.

Qi Yitan had been forced to live a life that his father had laid out for him, and, yet, he wasnt interested in politics.

Even without his fathers support, he had still managed to climb his way up to become a major on his own.

Unfortunately, despite his son having achieved the rank of major, Qi Linzhou still wanted to compare the young man to the Young Commander.

“You brat! I want you to become a government official for your own good.

Do you think you can be better than Mu Feichi in the military”

“Im going to join the political world under your name.

People will always think of you, the great Prime Minister, whenever they mention me.

Theyll always refer to me as Qi Linzhous son instead of Qi Yitan.

You think that is better than Mu Feichi, who became the one and only Young Commander without the help of Mu Chongli And you are asking me to find comfort in that”

“You!” Qi Linzhou had become completely enraged.

Not only was he annoyed by the news about Mu Feichis mission in another country, but by his sons sarcasm too.

“Enough! Both of you, shut up!” Qi Siyu, who had been staring at the TV the whole time, suddenly barked at her father and brother.

“Dont you two know that I like Mu Feichi Are you really going to do this in front of me At least let me enjoy my breakfast.”

Qi Yitan grinned and got up to leave.

Seeing his sons attitude, Qi Linzhou lost his appetite and threw his fork down.

Qi Siyu was used to them not seeing eye to eye.

She continued to finish her breakfast and picked up the newspaper.

It was then that she realized there was an invitation letter in it.

She opened it and quickly learned that it was an invitation to Han Zhongting and Liang Xinyis wedding.

Liang Xinyi was a chess piece who would always remain a pawn no matter how much Qi Siyu tried to cultivate her.

To this lady from the Qi family, Liang Xinyi wasnt worth a lot of her attention.

However, Liang Xinyi was still Yun Xis cousin, which meant that Yun Xi would definitely attend the wedding with the Young Commander.

To Qi Siyu, even though Yun Xi had managed to capture the Young Commanders heart, as long as they werent married yet, there might still be a chance for her.

A well-matched marriage had always been the standard and minimum requirement in their circle.

Qi Siyu smirked, still believing that the daughter of a mere Deputy Director was no match for her.

Outside of the mansion, Qi Yitan entered the passenger side door of a car that was parked in front of the entrance.

In the drivers seat sat Lu Jingyi, who handed him a document before starting the engine and driving out of the compound.

“The main reason Young Commander Mu was able to return from country F is because of this Mr.


If not for his assistance, we would have been mourning the death of our only Young Commander today.”

“Who wouldve thought that he had returned!” Qi Yitan exclaimed as he read the file.

Even if he didnt know what he looked like, he still recognized Xiao Jinglins name.

Xiao Jinglin was the head of the Xiao family, one of the biggest conglomerate families in the world.

He was also the younger brother of Jun Countrys First Lady.

The man held much more wealth and power than the three noble clans of Jun Country combined.


Xiao hired a bunch of mercenaries to assist the Young Commander.

It makes sense for him to help due to his wealth and power and his connection to the Mu family.

Unfortunately, this was such a good chance…”

Qi Yitan scoffed and threw the file on the backseat.

“Theres no need to be impatient.

There are still a lot of chances out there for us.”

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