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Li Zilan naturally knew what he meant by looking at her.

Decommissioning mines and laying mines was her specialty.

In order to assure their safe evacuation, her skills would have to be put to use.

“Ill go get the weapons with you.”

No one said very much, but quietly divided themselves up.

A few people went to get the equipment they needed, while the rest followed Mu Feichi to where the refugees were being detained.

“Young Commander…” When the refugees saw Mu Feichi, they thought their eyes were playing tricks on them.

After a long pause, they all stood up from the ground and ran toward Mu Feichi.

The group of refugees surrounded Mu Feichi, and everyones haggard faces were full of joy seeing the hope of life.

Many had only seen the Young Commander of Jun Country on television.

Seeing him at such a time and place was like seeing the light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

They trusted that this young man could bring them home safely.

In this very moment, he was everyones faith and hope.

“Im Mu Feichi.

Were here to take you home!”

Mu Feichi nodded to the group of refugees who were looking at him eagerly.

“All of you get behind us later when I tell you to.”

Working together in well-honed cooperation, those who had gone to collect their equipment were already standing guard in the backyard, while the others covered the refugees as they made their escape through the back.

“Team One, were coming out.

Take care of those out in the front.”

The sound of gunshots erupted, and the front yard burst into chaos.

The refugees who were hiding behind several rows of special forces soldiers held their heads and shivered.

The fear and anxiety they felt had suddenly become magnified, and some of them were so frightened that they bit their lips and started sobbing.

Mu Feichi still stood tall and fearless behind the pillar farthest ahead.

He clenched his sniper rifle and aimed it toward the front door, ready to stop anyone who barged toward them.

He was none other than the symbol of hope to everyone behind him.

The gunfire outside gradually stopped, and, after a while, the voices of his team members came from the front yard.

“Young Commander! Obstacle, clear! Team One and Two are in position!”

“Go!” Mu Feichi gave a signal to the members of the special forces on both sides, then turned to look at the refugees huddling together behind him.

“Everyone, get up.

Its time to go!”

All the special forces surrounded the refugees and carefully exited the backyard.

Mu Feichi walked at the forefront and led everyone into the van that had just driven over.

Mu Feichi had just gotten into the passenger seat when a member of the special forces at the encampment made an emergency report.

“Young Commander, their leader is back, and theyre less than two miles away from town.”

“Bring everyone to the square immediately, hurry!”

The voice of the member of the special forces instantly sounded through everyones earpiece.

They had thought today was their lucky day, but alas…

“Team One, get into position.

Team Two, be ready, were coming through!”

They were suddenly in a sticky situation, and Mu Feichi did not dare be reckless for fear that they would not make it in time.

With a distance of two miles, time was against them.

Even if their side made it in time, those at the encampment might not.

They had to race against time.

There were several gunshots coming from the evacuation route on the right.

The enemy corps who had rushed over after hearing the gunshots were wiped out by the snipers at vantage points before they could even get close.

Attracted by the sound of gunshots and explosions on the right, the rest of them followed suit, allowing the escape vehicle a chance to evacuate.

Taking advantage of this loophole, Mu Feichi instructed Jin Lei to drive the car at maximum speed, and they sped toward the square as fast as they could.

After Yun Xi had tricked the enemies into going to the evacuation route on the right, she crouched down at her vantage point and watched through the periscope as the van quickly passed through the alley.

“Young Commander, theres not much time left.

You have to go first, well exit last.”

“I wont leave you behind!”

Mu Feichi turned his head and nodded to Jin Lei, then quickly jumped out of the moving van in the alley, and ran at the speed of light to her vantage point.

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