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The van reached the town smoothly, and, just as it was passing by the river outside of town, Grey Wolf and another team member jumped out of the van with backpacks on and a scanning device in their arms.

As soon as the van entered the town, everyone was tense.

No one dared let their guards down.

The back of the van was crowded with three teams of people, standing and crouching back to back, in a solemn and serious atmosphere.

When Mu Feichi had arrived, he had asked the driver about the approximate number of army corps in the city, and it was quite a high number.

Fortunately, the leader of the corps had led more than half the troops away yesterday to parley with the President, so only roughly 100 of them remained in the city today.

Among these 100 soldiers, only a small number of them were residents of this small town called Casa.

There were soldiers on duty in every corner of the town, but the number of soldiers they saw was much less than expected, which was great news.

Taking advantage of the fact that there were so few in the city today, they had to pass through the town immediately no matter what.

If they let this opportunity slip, who knew when they would have this chance again.

Although there were less soldiers than they had feared, no one dared to relax, especially since there were still a large number of hostages to be freed.

The enemy had an absolute advantage, so they had to be on their toes.

When the van arrived near the town square, Mu Feichi instructed the driver to steer toward the designated spot.

Before the van pulled to a halt, a team in the back immediately hopped out.

The van continued to drive forward.

Through the tiny gaps of vision available in the van, Yun Xi took a mental note of all the possible evacuation routes around, while waiting for the signal from the front.

Soon enough, a continuous rapid knocking came from the passenger seat, and Fenghuang Cheng quickly got out of the van with Team Two, including Yun Xi, in tow.

The moment their feet hit the ground, everyone immediately got into position.

The snipers and observers quickly moved toward strategic vantage points.

Fenghuang Cheng led A1 and ran directly toward a vantage point, where they readied themselves as quickly as possible to cover the three teams.

Fenghuang Niao and Yun Xi moved to the right to set up a distraction in order to exhaust the enemys firepower, while the remaining members of Team Two headed toward the exit on the other end of the square to stand guard, waiting to receive the refugees and to lead them out safely in the fastest manner possible.

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This was not the first time that Yun Xi had participated in actual combat, but every time she saw how everyone cooperated without hesitation in the face of hails of bullets, she could not help but feel a sense of admiration in her heart.

Perhaps only they knew in their hearts the number of times they had to go through life and death together before becoming so perfectly in sync with one another.

The car finally stopped outside a dilapidated house that had a vast view all around.

There were battered tents set up outside the house.

In the courtyard, a number of residents dressed in local attire were cooking away by the stoves, while a dozen soldiers in army corps uniforms sat sparsely under the porch roof.

There were about five men patrolling the fence outside the house.

Mu Feichi turned to look at the house on his right and knocked behind his seat with his one free hand.

The van continued to move as the few people in the back silently got out.

With the van blocking the view, they swiftly evaded the patrolling guards.

The van finally stopped and parked right around the corner from the shabby house.

After Mu Feichi knocked out the driver with a heavy blow, he got out of the car, bypassed a neighboring house, and walked toward the designated location behind the fenced wall in an adjacent alley.

Before he got close, he could hear someone singing the national anthem, and the familiar language further affirmed the location of the target.

As he subtly pressed his earpiece and whispered to the others, everyone got into position.

The three teams behind the fenced wall and the teams at the vantage points quickly took care of those in the courtyard, as he climbed the wall and entered the backyard.

Separated by a wall, he took out a gravity knife and tapped a rhythmic code on the wall.

Li Zilan, who was inside, heard the tapping and reacted immediately.

Using a tree stump next to her, she kicked the stump with her foot rhythmically in response.

Inside the house, aside from the refugees who were curled up in the corners with their hands tied, all the special forces had been tied to tree stumps and stools.

Among them, a few had already freed themselves when no one was watching and were quietly observing their surroundings.

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