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The three teams made their preparations, leaving a small team behind to protect the refugees in the secret hideout.

Mu Feichi checked the time, then with a quick hand gesture, indicated that everyone should follow him into the van.

The back of the van had been loaded with necessities and food.

Half of it was unloaded, and the other half was left inside as camouflage for the people hiding in the van.

Before getting into the van, Yun Xi grabbed Mu Feichi by his arm.

She fished out a few packets of chocolate and stuffed them into his pocket, and she unwrapped one and stuffed it right into his mouth.

Mu Feichi stared at his anxious-looking little woman with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

He knew that because the weather was cold, she was afraid that his hands might tremble while firing his gun later.

She was worried about the wound on his back.

Compared to the others here, he was the one who had been most badly injured.

“Dont worry, Im fine.” He let out a soft sigh and lifted his hand to pat her head.

“Be careful out there yourself.

Dont go running into any gun muzzles.

If you get hurt, let everyone know that youre the last disciple of Lord Yan.

You dont want to embarrass your instructor!”

Yun Xi raised her head and glared angrily at him.

“Whos the injured one here Arent you a disciple of our instructor too I think youre the one whos an embarrassment to Instructor Yan.”

Mu Feichi frowned and chuckled.

“Touché, only you would have the guts to mock me.” Speechless from being bluntly criticized by his own woman, he felt a little sore on his cheek as if he had just been slapped.

“All right, come on.

Lets get moving!”

The people who were already sitting in the back of the van looked at the bickering couple outside.

With the flower of love blooming on the battlefield, everyone gazed at them with envy.

Watching them on the edge of a desert in the cold winds, the air was somehow filled with a touch of warmth.

Mu Feichi got into the passenger seat.

The driver seated next to him had two guns pointed at his back.

Nervously, the driver turned his head sideways and looked at the man in the passenger seat as cold sweat trickled down his face.

Mu Feichi turned away and crossed his arms.

With one hand pointing a gun at the drivers waist, he spoke coldly and fluently in the foreign countrys language, “Drive! Dont stop until we reach the square!”

The trembling driver started the engine and hit the gas, steering the vehicle toward the small town ahead.

In the back, Yun Xi clenched the gun in her hand.

The toughest part of this rescue operation was to get out of this town.

They had fought and survived attacks by suicide bombers and sudden ambushes that had crossed their paths.

After witnessing so many deaths along the way with corpses burning in the flames of war and thousands of abandoned homes, she had moved from feeling nauseous to feeling nothing as the cold and death had gradually hardened her heart.

She finally understood why Su Hang had tried to stop her from coming here.

Only those who have actually been on a battlefield would understand that life and death are merely separated by the flicker of a moment.

She had been reborn from an ignorant ordinary person to someone with a heart burning with flames of vengeance.

In order to be deemed qualified to stand next to Mu Feichi without dragging him down, she had worked hard to make herself grow stronger while her initial intentions had remained unchanged.

After coming to Country F, she had truly stepped onto a battlefield and had faced death and war in person.

This had finally made her understand Mu Feichis persistence and beliefs.

She could not imagine how tough and cold his heart must have become after going through all these years of war, returning from the hail of bullets time and time again.

Just the thought of it made her heart ache.

Watching her hanging her head and not speaking a word, Fenghuang Niao sighed softly.

Lifting her foot, she gave Yun Xis heel a nudge and asked in a low voice, “Do you regret coming here”

Among everyone there, she was the only one who had never experienced war or gone through a baptism by fire, and she was also the youngest, the purest, and the most innocent.

Lifting her head, Yun Xi forced out a smile.

“Actually, I somewhat understand now why you agreed to me coming along.”

Only after coming here and being baptized by fire herself was she finally able to feel closer to Mu Feichi.

This was a world that belonged to the soldier; this was his belief: a belief she had never come close to understanding before.

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