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Afraid that Mu Feichi might argue, Fenghuang Niao added in a gentler tone, “I cant stop her, you know, shes your woman.”

She had made her way into the war zones of country F in order to provide support.

Yet he was so insistent on keeping Yun Xi safe from all harm.

If Yun Xi decided to sneakily follow them on their operation, he was afraid that it would only bring more danger to her.

Mu Feichi knew better than anyone else how determined and stubborn Yun Xi could be.

Still, he could not resist his instinct to reject Fenghuang Niaos proposal in order to keep Yun Xi away from danger, and Mu Feichi opened his mouth to speak against the decision.

But Yun Xi was faster than he was.

She immediately clung to the sleeve of Mu Feichis uniform and gave him the most pleading expression she could muster.

“…” Mu Feichi looked at her.

There were no words.

Fenghuang Niaos reminder did not lack truth.

No one could stop Yun Xi, and she might venture into the battle zone if she felt the need to.

That could spell real trouble for the soldiers.

He reasoned that if she was with him, he could still keep an eye on her safety.

The decision was a complicated one, but Mu Feichi eventually agreed.

He nodded in response to Fenghuang Niaos proposal, but there was not a hint of happiness on his face.

As the truck neared the soldiers, he turned and took out a sniper rifle and two pistols from the vehicle.

Yun Xi took one of the pistols from Mu Feichi.

The two exchanged a silent look, and Mu Feichi did not seem pleased with the situation at all.

Yun Xi could only shrug and be amused by how childish Mu Feichi seemed to be acting.

This was a man who was used to having it his way.

He must have used all the patience in him to accept the proposal from Fenghuang Niao to have Yun Xi tag along.

Regardless, she was here to help, and she had no intention of being a burden for them.

She loaded the gun in her hands and unlocked it.

Yun Xi took a moment to familiarize herself with the model of the pistol.

A hand emerged out of nowhere and gave her forehead a light flick.

“Promise me,” Mu Feichis voice was stern, “that no matter what happens, you will not take a bullet for me.”

Mu Feichi would not put it beyond Yun Xi to take not one but several bullets for him if the situation ever occurred.

A wound or an injury would not be much for him, but if Yun Xi sustained a wound or an injury, he would not be able to forgive himself for the decision he had made on this day.

“Got it I will send you back immediately, back to Jun Country.

It doesnt matter who we are saving, you are not to do that.”

“…” Yun Xi gave a stiff nod.

“I never said I would.

We all want to get back safely, dont jinx it, Young Commander.”

“I never jinx anything.” Mu Feichi scoffed and turned away after this teasing from Yun Xi.

He pulled out a map he had annotated previously and began issuing his orders to the unit for this mission.

From the map, one could see that the road on the desert highland diverted into a Y shape, and it indicated that there were three possible escape routes for the soldiers to move through Casa.

Mu Feichi pointed to the route on the left and started his orders, “Unit One and the four others, you will take the left side of the fork.

Seek high ground immediately once you reach the town square.” Mu Feichi looked up at the leader of Unit Two, “Units Two and Three will follow the straight path and surround the roads.

Once you have reached the square, Unit Two will cover Unit Three to their designated location.” Mu Feichi proceeded to tap on the right fork on the map.

“Once Unit Three is in position, One will move to the route on the right while Two will proceed forward.

Once we have rescued the civilians, One will divert the enemies attention while Two will cover the escape of the civilians.

When they have reached the safe house, I will return with Unit Three to help with Unit One.” With a deep breath, the man looked up again.

“You all got it”

“Yes, sir!” The voices echoed, and the company instantly readied themselves by ensuring that their own pieces of equipment were in place.

Yun Xi looked down at the electronic map in her hands and turned to Mu Feichi, saying, “We have some explosives in our inventory.

Unit One can use them to divert the attention of the enemy.

I will organize the bombs.”

Mu Feichi gave her a look with a raised brow, “You have the map memorized”

Yun Xi nodded.

“Of course! I need to know every little detail about this.

We dont have much inventory, but Im sure it can last until the backup arrives.”

Mu Feichis frown deepened as he thought about the plan.

This was the best course of action as the explosives could only be used as offensive weapons.

If he let Yun Xi arrange the explosives, it would be a safer alternative than following him into the zone.

“All right, Niao, you will follow Unit One.

You and your brother must keep her safe no matter what!”

“Yes, sir!” The pair of siblings exchanged a look as they looked toward the young girl who had been undermined the entire time due to Mu Feichis stubbornness, and they shared a smile.

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