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Yun Xi felt a bit sad when she saw the man who always looked dominating sitting by the wall quietly.

Mu Feichi was surprised to hear her say she would help with the extraction plan as he looked at her.

Despite the agonizing pain in his shoulder, her words had warmed his heart.

The lady that he had been protecting had grown into someone who could shoulder some of his responsibilities.

The rest of the special forces who were sitting near them all turned to look at Yun Xi at once as if they were in disbelief of what they had just heard.

Some even had hints of excitement in their eyes as they were curious as to how good Yun Xi, whod studied under the same instructor as Mu Feichi, was.

After a few seconds, everyone turned to look at their Young Commander.

They knew that they were in a tight situation where the extraction plan would decide whether they could break through the enemys attack and arrive at the port safely.

Although they had solved the problem of the virus infection, they still had another bigger challenge ahead of them.

The problem was that they were traveling in a large group.

To move past the infected area and the Casa Town, which was under the independent armys control, was a huge challenge.

Not only that, but they also had to locate Li Zilan and her team.

They had been under attack throughout their whole journey to the port, and more than half of the soldiers designated by Country F to escort them were dead.

It was almost impossible for the remaining armed forces to extract the citizens of Jun Country to the port.

“Of course…” Mu Feichi patted Yun Xis head and smiled.

“Make your call.

You have my full trust.

But we have a lot of people we need to extract, so youll have to plan a lot of steps in advance.

If we really dont have a choice, our forces are willing to sacrifice their lives to make sure the extraction mission is a success.”

“I know!” Yun Xi nodded and took the earpiece from him.

Because of the dangerous nature of the mission, she knew that if needed, they would have to rely on their luck by walking on the edge of a cliff.

Not worrying how dirty the floor was, Yun Xi sat down and turned to look at Grey Wolf.

“Grey Wolf, do you have any word on Instructor Zilans whereabouts Even if they were ambushed, they should be out there somewhere.”

“Im still searching for their signals.

Everyone on the team has a tracker on them, but, weirdly enough, I cant seem to locate them.”

“Where was their last known location Can you look that up”

“They were already clear of the infected area when their signals disappeared.

I believe they were already in Casa Town by then.”

Yun Xi gripped her fists tightly as she sunk into deep thought.

She pretty much used all the knowledge she had learned from Lord Yan to come up with a plan.

“Its impossible for such a large group of people to suddenly disappear.

Since this country is at war, we can only rely on the war correspondents and media to look for any information.

Since theres no report about them yet, I suspect the team was caught by the independent army and locked up in their base.”

“We also thought of that…” Grey Wolf raised his head, his amber eyes as serious as ever.

“But they are experienced special forces, it wouldnt be hard for them to avoid getting caught…”

“Under normal circumstances, yes.

But they are also extracting a group of our citizens now.

They are just too big of a target, and anything could happen with that.” Yun Xi paused, took a deep breath, and started to relay her plan.

“I suggest we split into three groups.

The first group will consist of a small number of special forces to distract the independent army.

The second group will guide the citizens through Casa Town and to the port.

The third group will be the last to move after the first and second groups have met up.

If Instructor Zilan and her team have really been captured, the third group will have to launch a rescue mission.

No matter what happens, the first and second groups have to make sure our citizens arrive at the port safely first.

Since our troops cant land in Country F, we will have to rely on ourselves.”

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