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After negotiations with Jun Countrys Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the government of Country F agreed to provide ground protection to Jun Countrys refugees and the embassy.

The governments army and the special forces that had arrived in Country F escorted the last batch of refugees from the embassy.

However, no one expected that the refugees and the government forces would then be ambushed by the independent army on their route.

There were four or five suicide attacks on the street less than 200 yards away, and the group was forced to change their route and enter the most dangerous war zone.

It started to rain once night fell.

Gunshots could be heard from time to time in the dilapidated city, and the air was filled with the smell of smoke and burned material.

Corpses that had been blasted to death could be seen everywhere.

The smell of blood filled the air, and it was nauseating.

Mu Feichi led two cars of refugees that he had evacuated from the embassy.

After several suicide attacks, many of the refugees were injured, and the government army had suffered heavy casualties also.

There were still soldiers from the independent army attacking them from behind and in front.

It was only a short journey, but it was difficult to move an inch in this area.

“Young Commander, theyre catching up!”

Before entering the war zone, one of their members had already led a group in another direction.

Before they could retreat, the group caught up with them again.

“A1, bring all the refugees down the alley and enter the residential area at the back! Quick!”

Mu Feichi glanced at the radar scan in Grey Wolfs hand, pressed the earpiece on his ear, and ordered in a low voice, “Cheng, you and A2, control the high ground! Lie Huo and San Qing, drive and lead them away, then abandon the car and return here in an hour.”

“Yes, sir!” A loud, clear voice came from his earpiece.

It was accompanied by smoke and rain that painted the sky black above this ravaged city.

Each of them carried out their tasks quickly.

Mu Feichi faced the refugees, and he looked around vigilantly at the weapons in their hands.

In the dark night, his sharp eyes were like a silent panther, fierce and intense.

At this time, no one dared to relax.

The war and rebellion in Country F had exceeded their imagination.

The independent army was arrogant and foolhardy.

They did not restrain themselves because of any warnings from Jun Country and continued to attack the evacuation team fearlessly.

The group of refugees entered the residential area from the alley in a panic.

The entire area had been bombed to the point that it was completely destroyed.

The small buildings could not shelter them from the rain at all.

Everyone got out of the cars.

Mu Feichi helped to carry a child of an injured woman and gestured to Lie Huo and San Qing, who were already in the car.

Their car sped toward the street.

However, not long after they drove away, a bomb hit them…

“Get down!” Mu Feichi reacted subconsciously.

He pushed the woman next to him to the special forces soldier on his other side while he rolled down the stairs with the child in his arms.

With a loud bang, the bomb hit the old sedan at the entrance, triggering a second explosion.

The intense explosion caused everyones eardrums to buzz.

They were too close, and no matter how fast they reacted, they could only avoid the first wave of impact.

Climbing out from the destroyed stairs, Mu Feichi looked at the little girl that he was protecting.

Her eyes were red from crying, and she bit down on her lips.

She did not dare make a sound.

The girl was obstinate yet obedient.

She followed the warning he gave her when he got into the car.

He had told her, “Dont cry loudly, you must be brave!”

“Are you okay” He patted the girls head.

When he reached out to touch her, he felt a tearing pain in his shoulder.

He turned to look at the shattered pieces from the car explosion that had pierced his shoulder during the blast.

After confirming that the girl was not injured, he carried her and ran toward the woman who had crawled up with him.

“Hurry and keep up with us.

This place is very dangerous.” Mu Feichi handed the womans daughter back to her and ordered his team members on the other end of the headset, “Everyone, retreat!”

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