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Yun Xi read the files Xiang Yuanxun had given her on her way to Su Hangs laboratory.

All the records showed that Han Hongbin had never been to Country F.

Even if Han Hongbin wasnt Crocodile, Yun Xi was beginning to get suspicious of him.

Han Hongbin had been too quiet lately.

He hadnt taken any actions recently.

Whether Han Hongbin planned to spread the virus in Country F or not, it was a malicious move by someone to create such chaos in the world.

No amount of punishment would be sufficient to eliminate such a horrible mastermind.

Yun Xi closed the documents and looked at the person driving.

“Niao, would you try and stop me if I wanted to go to Country F”

Fenghuang Niao didnt react as she looked at Yun Xi through the rearview mirror and said, “Do you want me to stop you”

“No, you might not be able to stop me if I decide to go.”

“Thats it then.

If you really want to go, I wouldnt stop you.”

“Why” Yun Xi was a little surprised.

Shed thought that because of the orders from Mu Feichi, Fenghuang Niao would definitely try to stop her no matter what.

“Because those who have never been on a real battlefield will never understand the boundary between life and death.

Since you two are destined to be together, working together will better nurture your chemistry.

It would also bring you closer to his reality.

We have chosen to be soldiers, and our journey will always be bloody and full of warfare.

You can also better understand his responsibilities when you experience what he does yourself.

This is a good chance to train yourself.

If you want to be with him, you need to be strong enough so that you can bear it and be worthy of being the wife of the Young Commander.”

If Yun Xi were just going to be the wife of a family head, she would only need to learn how to deal with people in the business world.

There would be no need for her to understand such a military lifestyle.

However, if she wanted to be the Young Commanders excellent wife and partner, all this bloody warfare and life-and-death experiences would be something she must go through.

“I understand.” Turning away, Yun Xi looked at the vast mountain outside as she gradually became more determined about her decision.

Her mind had never been so clear and calm as now, in both of her lifetimes.

When Yun Xi arrived at the gates of his villa, Su Hang immediately rushed out to try and stop her from entering.

He stood in front of Yun Xi and blocked her way.

“Oh my goodness, you really came”

“Of course! Have you gotten all the experts and professors to come” Yun Xi pushed his arm away and walked in as if it was her own house.

Seeing that he couldnt stop her, Su Hang decided not to try and fight it any longer.

He really wanted her help anyway because he and his team were struggling with their research trying to make the vaccine for the new virus.

If not for the Young Commanders strict orders, he wouldnt have even tried to stop her at all.

“Weve got all the experts who did the research on the previous vaccine to come, and they are all in the laboratory.

We stayed up all night and have finally isolated the pathogenic virus.

Now, we are preparing to do an in vivo testing on living subjects next.”

“Bring me the statistical data of the research.

Let me take a look first.”

Both Yun Xi and Su Hang spoke as they walked, leaving Fenghuang Niao far behind them.

Fenghuang Niao looked at Yun Xi, who had already calmed down slightly about the situation.

She suddenly understood why Mu Feichi chose to be with Yun Xi.

This little girl would definitely stand firm and proud beside him in the future.

Yun Xi had enormous confidence and was brave enough to do things independently.

These traits were especially rare for people of her age.

In the war zone of Country F, all the bombings and explosions from the conflict had severely damaged everything throughout the area.

The war had razed a whole residential area, and the remaining high-rise buildings were on the verge of collapsing.

Fires continued to burn the wooden beams and fabric materials in the destroyed buildings.

It was getting dark, and thick plumes of smoke filled the air, covering the dark blue skies with a thick haze.

Mu Feichi led two teams and entered the country through the canal.

They then got into vehicles after meeting their local mediator.

At the same time, Mu Feichi got Grey Wolf to track the whereabouts of Li Zilan with GPS and find out more about the situation in country F.

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