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Chapter 15: Deliberately Framing

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Because a wealthy businessman had built a road and a school, the villagers had great respect for businessmen to begin with.

Even though this man was only a stranger, his outfit and extraordinary temperament carried the best commanding power.

As soon as Qi Yuan opened his mouth, all the other villagers also found their courage to help Yun Xi.

“Village Principal, you can see how badly Yun Xi was injured.

If it wasnt for someone intending to harm her, how could she have fallen off a cliff!”

“Thats right! Attempted murder isnt a trivial matter; there will be a second try if there was a first try!”

“Old Liang, if your wife really pushed Yun Xi off a cliff, then our fellow villagers really have to be careful from now on!”

“Thats right! Who would want to be neighbors with such an evil person! Who knows if well be victimized someday, too!”

All the villagers began to clamor and point their fingers as they pushed the blame on Chen Lixue.

Chen Lixue wasnt the only one panicking then; even Liang Weimin was nervous, too.

The more anxious Chen Lixue became, the more vehemently she denied the accusations!

As long as she refused to admit she had done this, then it would be merely Yun Xis words against hers! Without any evidence, Yun Xi couldnt do anything to her!

Also, Yun Xi hadnt even died, so how serious of a crime could this have been

“What are you all clamoring about! Who attempted murder Is there any evidence Dont get involved just because that wretched girl is speaking nonsense! How is this any of your business”

A soft person feared a hard approach, and a hard person feared an aggressive approach.

Aggressive people only feared those who had nothing to lose.

If Chen Lixue didnt act more aggressively, then they would really think she was guilty!

Chen Lixue had lived in Yang Village for so many years, but this was the first time she had faced public accusations like this.

She glared daggers at Yun Xi and wanted nothing more but to stab her to death!

Yun Xi was really a little b*tch! Chen Lixue had raised her all those years, but she was actually so ungrateful!

She scanned around at the villagers who were eager to watch the commotion and escalate the situation, her eyes full of indignation.

“Also, isnt she well and alive right now This wretched girl is speaking nonsense, so whats the meaning of you people pushing all the blame on me!”

Liang Weimins blood ran cold when he watched Chen Lixues fearless face like she wasnt concerned at all.

After fiercely glancing at Chen Lixue, he immediately dragged her back inside.

“You need to shut up!”

It was a fact that Yun Xi had been pushed off the cliff, so how could he not have known who the person was who had done such an evil thing

If things escalated, he wouldnt even be able to protect her as the Village Principal!

“What are you glaring at me for! I didnt do such a thing! Maybe she fell off the cliff herself and is blaming me for it!”

The guiltier Chen Lixue felt, the louder she screamed.

It was like she was terrified that other people wouldnt know how wronged she felt.

“Purposely Did water get into your brain! Why would she purposely fall off a cliff just to frame you Everyone in the village knows exactly how tall that mountain is; you could die if you accidentally fell off it! If she used her own life to frame you, then maybe you should try jumping off it, too!”

“Who knows what evil ideas this wretched girl has in her head to frame me with I didnt do it, okay!”

“Dad, stop being so paranoid just because of one word from Cousin.

How could Mom do such a thing!”

Liang Danyi glared bitterly at Yun Xi before gritting her teeth as she defended her mother and rebuked Yun Xi.

“Yun Xi, my mom has been so good to you.

She raised you for over ten years, so how could you be so heartless as to frame her for such an evil crime!”

“Youre saying that Im framing her”

Yun Xi snickered.

This mother and daughter pairs levels of shamelessness were really opening her eyes.

If she had still been her previous, weak self, then she wouldve probably swallowed the injustice in silence.

But this day, she would insist on playing out this drama, no matter what happened!

These people couldnt harm her and take advantage of her; she wasnt that easily taken advantage of!

This was perfect.

She would show the entire village how evil and shameless this mother and daughter pair truly was.

“So, youre saying that this gentleman is lying That I purposely injured myself to frame you guys for it What a coincidence! Not only did I hurt myself, but I also happened to be rescued by this older brother And then I happened to frame you for it”

Qi Yuan glanced at Chen Lixue and his daughter, his eyes slowly turning icy.

He was truly learning something new from such a real trick of a “thief crying out thief”!

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