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Inside the lounge, Mu Feichi had just informed Fenghuang Niao about the extraction mission.

He didnt hide anything about the mission from her as he wanted her to remain in Jingdu to protect Yun Xi.

For the civil war to suddenly happen in Country F just before the socialite ball, it was clear that someone was purposely trying to distract Mu Feichi and trying to lure him away so that they could make a move on Yun Xi.

He wasnt sure if the enemy had any relationship with Country F, but he was sure that the moment he left Jun Country to support the extraction team in Country F, the people targeting Yun Xi would resurface.

No matter how capable the Young Commander was, it was impossible for him to have to worry about what was happening back in Jingdu when he was in Country F.

He had no other choice but to leave Yun Xis safety in Fenghuang Niaos hands.

Fenghuang Niao understood the mans worry.

The only problem was that the mission was extremely dangerous, and, with the virus outbreak, she was worried that he might not be able to return home alive.

“Boss, are you sure you arent going to tell Yun Xi the truth What if something happens to you How am I supposed to explain the situation to her”

People like them were always worried about having feelings for someone else as that could become their biggest weakness.

However, having someone they cared about would also become their hope to live for.

They would continue to struggle for the people they loved.

“You dont have to explain anything.

She will understand.

Rather than letting her live the next few days completely worried about me, its better if she doesnt know anything.

If something really happens to me, she will understand my choice.

But Ill come back, no matter what, to her.”

Mu Feichi and Yun Xi had fought side by side before and faced enemies who had rained bullets at them.

She was as courageous as any of his soldiers.

Fenghuang Niao raised her head to look at this man who had been used to taking other peoples lives.

Everyone said that every army man was always covered in ashes and blood, but what she saw on the mans face now was kindness.

His love for his country or his girl would always be a choice he had to make.

“I get it now…” It was as if Fenghuang Niao had finally understood something, and she nodded.

That was the bond Mu Feichi and Yun Xi had formed.

Under every circumstance, they would become each others last straw of hope, and they would support each other until the end of their lives.

When Xiao Jinglin arrived at the hotel, Gu Baifan had arranged for him to sit at the far end of an aisle in order to not attract any attention.

When Gu Baifan returned, Yun Xi was welcoming Jiang Chenghuan and his parents who were all there to show her their support.

Li Shuyuan, Jiang Xukun, and Jiang Chenghuan had agreed to attend the auction representing the Jiang family.

They caused a huge uproar the moment they arrived.

There was also a rumor circulating mentioning that Jiang Xukun and Li Shuyuan had the intention of making Yun Xi their goddaughter.

The fact that they were attending the event pretty much certified that rumor to be true.

Not only that, but also the head of the Jiang family even stood by Yun Xis side and helped her welcome the remaining guests.

To have this person, who was infamous for hiding his cruelty behind his smile, shocked everyone as it was the first time seeing Jiang Chenghuan having an authentic and gentle smile on his face.

For those who did not attend the socialite ball, seeing the Jiang family standing by Yun Xis side instantly became a hot topic.

The lady who had never caught the publics attention before had suddenly become the biggest winner of the night.

Yun Xi was only the daughter of a deputy director, and the Yun family wasnt one of the prestigious families.

And yet, she had been able to become the youngest girl ever to have obtained the first-class socialite title and had even managed to capture the Young Commanders heart.

On top of that, she would sooner or later become the goddaughter of the Jiang family while also having support from the Chen family and the other branches of the Jiang family.

Even if she did not come from a prestigious family, her connections and resources were more than enough to make people jealous.

Some quickly realized that rather than trying to gain favor from the three noble clans, it would be better to be on friendly terms with Yun Xi.

Xiao Jinglin watched as the guests talked among themselves about Yun Xi.

He finally understood why Si Wenxuan wouldnt want to admit defeat.

It would be hard for someone to acknowledge a competitor who was adored by everyone else.

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