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Mu Feichi got a call from Su Hang the moment he left the Presidents official residence.

In the call, Su Hang had asked, in a nervous tone, if the Young Commander could stop by his laboratory.

Mu Feichi didnt waste any time and arrived at the laboratory shortly thereafter.

Su Hang, wearing a white lab coat, was waiting for the Young Commander outside.

It was clear from his face that something bad had happened.

“Whats the matter” Mu Feichi got out of his car and walked into the laboratory with him.

“We just got word that a new strain of virus has been found in Country F, and a sample was sent to us last night.

After examining the virus, weve found out that its actually one that we are familiar with.

Its the same as the one that went missing from Xinqi Town, but this is an upgraded version of it.

The virus that was lost was immature, and the newfound ones are a perfected version where the mortality rate is almost doubled.”

“Country F… We have an extraction team there.

Dont tell me its related.”

Su Hang winced as he met the Young Commanders cold stare, but the matter was far too important for him to sugarcoat anything.

“The virus was brought over there by someone from our country.

Because of the civil war, quite a number of our and Country Fs people have been infected.

Li Zilan and her team have gathered in a safe zone, but if they want to complete the extraction mission, they will have to pass through the most dangerous war zone and the infected area.

It will be almost impossible for them to complete the mission as they only have a single medic with them…”

Mu Feichis expression got as dark as it could get.

Before he could even say anything, his phone rang.

He glanced at the caller ID and immediately answered the call.

“Sir! We have confirmed that the Independence Army has taken over Casa Town, a small place in the south.

Its less than a 1,000 yards away from the extraction route.

The team will have to pass through the town if they want to make it to the dock.

Since we havent come to an agreement with the Independence Army yet, things might go south if our team runs into them…”

“Order the team to remain in the safe zone and await further instructions.”

After hanging up the call, Mu Feichi turned to look at Su Hang, unable to believe that they had been struck with multiple accidents at once.

“The Independence Army has taken over a small town on the escape route, and the marines have no means to assist the team either.

Its one problem after another…”

“Man, we are in a pinch now.

Li Zilan and her team have to leave the safe zone, move into the war zone and the infected area, and now they have to hide from the Independence Army Isnt it an impossible task Some of them might even be infected too.”

They were in the worst situation possible.

The mission wouldve been easy if they only had to extract the citizens of Jun Country trapped in Country F, as long as they had help from the special forces and marines.

The virus outbreak was already troublesome enough, but with all the other problems stacking up one after another, it would even be hard for the extraction team to return home safely under these circumstances.

The most uncontrollable situation was the use of bioweapons.

No one would know if they were infected or not, but if they were, they would definitely die without any antivirus.

The Young Commander gripped his phone tightly as he turned to look at the mountain range with a serious expression.

After a moment of silence, he finally issued his order.

“Su Hang, gather a team of experts and develop an antivirus as fast as possible.

If you need more men, ask the Bioweapons Department for help.

We have to hurry!”

“Good! Ill have to report the situation to the President right away.

Let me know as soon as you learn anything new!”

Mu Feichi turned to leave right after that.

However, after taking two steps, he suddenly stopped as if he had remembered something and turned around.

“Dont let her learn about this.

If she even takes a single step into your laboratory, Ill skin you alive,” he warned.

Su Hang was rendered speechless by the threat and could only scowl at the Young Commander.

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