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Mu Feichi stopped and turned around.

He understood what Xiao Weijun was worried about.

However, despite being like a son to her, there was still something that he had to make clear as he now had another identity.

Not only was he the Young Commander of Jun Country and the head of the Mu family, but he was also Yun Xis man now.

As he shouldered the responsibility of protecting the country and leading his family, he also had to carry another sweet yet heavy bag.

“Maam, Si Wenxuan is about the same age as Yun Xi.

However, if you look at them, youll see where the differences lie.

Wenxuan is not a child anymore.

She should now know what she should or should not do.

Being able to know when to advance and when to retreat is a quality that every child who comes from a wealthy family should possess.

No one can be successful without actually going through hardship and climbing back up from failures.”

“But…Wenxuan is different from other people.

She was overprotected by us.

Its hard for her to live the life of a normal person…”

“And, yet, she isnt any more remarkable than a normal person, is she Im pretty sure youve noticed that by now.”

Mu Feichi wasnt putting the blame on the parents.

All he wanted was to do the things that he was supposed to do to the best of his ability.

Xiao Weijun lowered her head and remained silent for a while.

She knew her daughters personality very well, which was why she was worried and needed Mu Feichis help.

The parents had seen how strict and protective Mu Feichi was with Si Wenxuan.

He had fulfilled his role as an older brother and the Young Commander.

No matter which role he was in, they would always see him as a responsible man.

Even if he wasnt their child, they were still very proud of him.

Mu Feichi could only let out a sigh.

In the end, all parents would worry about their children, and he couldnt do anything about it.

“Maam, I already have someone I want to protect.

Ill only spend my energy and time on her from now on.”

“Someone you want to protect… Youre talking about Yun Xi, right”

Xiao Weijun raised her head and was surprised to see a gentle smile on the face of the young man who rarely smiled.

Not only was she surprised, but she was also happy for him.

For a man who came and went between battlefields, it was a miracle for him to have been able to find someone who loved him.

It wasnt hard to understand why he would cherish her.

He didnt want to regret any of his choices in the future.

Xiao Weijun smiled, thinking that Yun Xi was lucky to have found someone like Mu Feichi who would love her with all of his heart.

Mu Feichi nodded.

His face would always beam with pride whenever people mentioned her.

It was as if having her meant the whole world to him.

“Yun Xi is a good kid.

I like her a lot too.”

“No matter what, Im still the Young Commander of Jun Country.” Mu Feichi smiled.

“Whenever you or Mr.

President needs me, Ill be there without any hesitation.

If Si Wenxuan runs into any trouble in the future, Ill help her too.

These are my promises.

However, please allow me to give the rest of my time to the woman I love, because she is worth me giving all my time to.”

For Yun Xi, he was willing to give up everything he had.

Yun Xi was as important as his country.

If he were ever forced to choose between her and the country, he wouldnt even hesitate to choose the person he loved.

The country could find a replacement for him, but if Yun Xi were gone from him, then there would be nothing left.

She had been working hard to shatter the balance of power that Jingdu had held for years by dismantling the big four wealthiest families and had even earned him a favor by saving the First Ladys life while knowing that she might be risking everything.

This brave and proud lady had stolen his heart, and he could never get it back.

Seeing Mu Feichis expression, Xiao Weijun suddenly came to realize that she was being too selfish.

The young man had already given his heart to Yun Xi and Yun Xi only.

He was living a life where he knew what he wanted the most.

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