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Xiao Jingliin, who still hadnt been spotted by Si Wenxuan, had been keeping his mouth shut the whole time.

Even when his sister turned to look at him for help, he still remained silent, as he was also disappointed by Si Wenxuans attitude.

It had been three years since the uncle had last seen his niece, and it seemed as if she hadnt become the well-mannered person as everyone had hoped.

Instead, she was even more arrogant and spoiled.

Every word that came out of her mouth would make people question if she really was the daughter of the President of a country.

Her personality was the total opposite of her parents.

Yet, she had just become an adult, and other ladies around her age who came from prestigious families had the same personalities as she did.

She wasnt the weird one.

It was just that there was someone out there for other people to compare her to.

Xiao Jinglin had just met Yun Xi, who was also around Si Wenxuans age.

The formers actions were elegant yet proud.

Each and every one of her movements screamed well-mannered.

Compared to Yun Xi, Si Wenxuan was just someone who would use her background to embarrass other people.

The difference was so vast that Xiao Jinglin didnt even want to make any comment.

Seeing that her brother wasnt going to help her, Xiao Weijun had no choice but to pull Si Wenxuan back.

“Hurry up and apologize to Jinzhi.

Look at you! You sound like someone whos uneducated,” warned her mother.

Si Jingting and Xiao Weijun only had one daughter.

As her parents, all they had always wished for was for her to grow up in a safe environment and become successful.

Because of that and the fact that Si Wenxuan had almost been assassinated when she was a child, theyd really hoped that Mu Feichi could act as her older brother who could protect her and guide her.

“Mom…” Si Wenxuan stumbled and turned to look at Mu Feichi.

The man didnt seem like he was angry, but the young lady couldnt read his expression.

Unfortunately, she couldnt bring herself to apologize to him.

It was then that she noticed that there was another person in the room with them.

It only took her a second to realize who the person was, and her eyes widened.

“Uncle When did you come back”

“Oh Finally noticed me, I see How could you even notice me when the moment you barged in, all you did was yell at Jinzhi”

“Uncle…” Si Wenxuan knew from her uncles tone that he wasnt going to stand by her side this time either.

All she could do was drop her head and put on an innocent act.

Mu Feichi was used to how Si Wenxuan would react to get out of such a situation.

He didnt even buy it this time and got up.

“Ill take my leave first,” Mu Feichi said, while giving a single nod to Si Jingting before he turned to leave.

Si Wenxuan raised her head, wanting to explain herself to the man who was ignoring her.

However, no words came to mind.

“Ill see you out.” Xiao Weijun let out a sigh and followed the Young Commander out of the room.

A few steps away from the office, Xiao Weijun suddenly stopped Mu Feichi, and he turned his head to look at the First Lady.

“Maam, is there anything else you need from me” His cold tone showed that he had already distanced himself from their family.

“Jinzhi…I know why you are so strict with Wenxuan.

You always thought of her as your sister.

I admit its our fault that shes so arrogant now, but you know that no matter how many etiquette instructors we hire, she will never change.

Shell suffer a lot in the future if she doesnt change the way she acts.”

“If you understand that changes are needed, then you should consider sending her to study abroad.

Perhaps a Catholic college with nuns Its better to let her suffer a little now than later.”

“Jinzhi…are you giving up on her” Xiao Weijuns heart skipped a beat.

She couldnt hide the sadness and disappointment in her gentle expression.

Even though they werent related by blood, the reason Mu Feichi chose to protect Si Wenxuan was that Xiao Weijun had been like a second mother to him throughout his whole life.

The young boy the First Lady had watched growing up had been protecting her child for a very long time, and now that he was a man, Mu Feichi had never once disappointed her.

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