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The next morning, Tianyu Mountain was surrounded by fog.

If one were to look at the mountain from far away, it would look as if it were something out of a fairy tale.

A fiery-red sports car stopped in front of Mu Mansion, and Fenghuang Niao stepped out of it in her high heels.

When she walked through the entrance and saw the three people having their breakfast in the dining room, she couldnt help but drop her jaw.

She knew how special a guest Xiao Jinglin was, but she did not expect she would see all three of them enjoying a meal as if they were a family.

Before she even said anything, Mu Feichi raised his head as he sat at one end of the table.

He took a sip of his coffee before looking at her and saying, “How many times have I told you to not wear high heels when you drive Are my words a joke to you now”

Despite having rails on the road up Tianyu Mountain, it still had a lot of hairpin turns, and accidents could occur.

“Boss…” Fenghuang Niao lowered her head to look at her high heels before letting out an awkward cough.

Yet, she still did not forget to argue back, “Its not hard to drive in these.

The heels arent that high.”

Mu Feichi scoffed and ignored her, knowing that if Fenghuang Niao didnt want to listen to him, there was still someone else that could make her listen.

Fenghuang Niao then turned to Xiao Jinglin and politely greeted him, “Mr.


“Niao, your parents only have you and your brother.

No matter what happens, safety comes first,” Xiao Jinglin reminded her.

“I know…” Fenghuang Niao could ignore Mu Feichis warning, but not Xiao Jinglin.

In the end, the latter was still an elder.

“Niao…,” Yun Xi waved her hand and pulled out the chair next to her… “have you eaten your breakfast yet”

“Thats why Im here this early! Ive been having trouble sleeping these past few days.

I need the good food here to replenish me.”

“Where did you go Its been days since I last saw you.”

Yun Xi had not seen Fenghuang Niao ever since they returned alive from the ambush at the socialite ball.

She thought that Mu Feichi had sent Fenghuang Niao on another mission, but she didnt ask.

In the end, Fenghuang Niao was still Mu Feichis relative, and it would be weird for Fenghuang Niao to guard her.

“My dad bought an empty plot, and I went to cultivate the land with him.

Seriously, I thought I was going to die from freezing when planting the potatoes and scallions in the winter.

Look at my hands.

They are covered in blisters.”

“Then, you need some food…”

The two ladies began to chat as they ate, while the two men found their own topics to talk about as they had no idea how to join the ladies conversation.

After breakfast, Mu Feichi and Xiao Jinglin headed to the Presidents official residence, leaving Yun Xi and Fenghuang Niao playing with Big White back at Mu Mansion.

As they were bored, they started to play a game with Morse code as a form of training.

Instead of letting Fenghuang Niao protect her, Yun Xi wanted to learn things from Fenghuang Niao, things that she hadnt learned from Li Zilan.

Yun Xi could tell that Fenghuang Niao was both talented and able, and, knowing Mu Feichis personality, he would never have let any of his own relatives walk down that path unless it was obviously correct for them.

Despite having a playful appearance, Fenghuang Niaos eyes were filled with killing intent.

After the first round, Yun Xi lost by a mere two seconds.

She slumped onto the couch, and Big White sat down next to her and rubbed his body against her as if it could sense that she was depressed.

Fenghuang Niao had never received such friendly treatment from Big White.

When she saw the snow leopard acting like a dog, she couldnt help but scoff.

“Seriously, this leopard isnt even like a wild animal anymore.

Look at how arrogant he is, just like someone we know.

Its going to embarrass his pack.”

Big White turned to glare at Fenghuang Niao with disdain, sensing that she was making fun of him.

“What are you looking at I dont like arrogant pr*cks like you!” Fenghuang Niao scolded him and turned to Yun Xi, not wanting to argue with a dog.

She then asked Yun Xi, HMMM… “Youve only mastered around 40 percent of cryptology.

Did boss never teach you how to gather intelligence”

“A little.

Im a slow learner.”

For the past six months, other than attending her classes, Yun Xi had spent the rest of her time trying to grow herself.

Her life was busy, yet she was living her life to the fullest.

“I see.

Ill teach you next time when Im free.

We dont want you to not know how to request help when you are in a pinch.”

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