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“I…” The mention of making the headlines the next day stunned Jiang Yuwen so much that she didnt know what to say.

Her father had warned her to not cause any trouble, and if the Jiang family were to make headlines because of her, as the head of the family, Jiang Chenghuan would definitely blame it on her and her father.

And if that were to happen, she would definitely be sent to another country to settle the matter.

Her dream of getting close to the Young Commander would not be fulfilled as it would be close to impossible for her to return.

“What Why are you so darn quiet now” Jiang Chenghuan stepped on his cousins dress as he coldly stared at her.

“Werent you acting like you were the boss of this place a few seconds ago If thats not enough, maybe I should call your father over here too There are a lot of reporters hiding around here.

Im sure they could help make both of you the center of attention for a while.”


Please, dont!” Jiang Yuwens voice was trembling, just like her body.

“Jiang Yuwen, you know I rarely get angry, but dont think for a second that you can remain unscathed if you have managed to do that.

Yun Xi is my sister now.

If you still have a beef with her, then you better leave this country and never return.” Jiang Chenghuan scolded her and turned to one of the guards.

“If she continues to make a scene, just call the cops.

If anyone has a problem with that, tell them to come to me.”

“Yes, Mr.

Jiang!” The guard looked at the lady who was sitting on the ground completely devastated.

He nodded and returned to his post.

Jiang Chenghuan then turned around and returned to his car.

He closed the roof to stop the cold air from coming in and took his phone out.

“Ive already taken care of her.

You can go in now.”

Perhaps the head of the Jiang family had been truly infuriated by his cousins actions, because he didnt say another word but hung up and threw his phone on the passenger seat.

He turned his car around and sped away from the hotel.

Jiang Yuwen coughed from the exhaust coming out of Jiang Chenghuans car.

She then struggled to get up.

After being scolded, she didnt have the nerve to argue with the guards any longer and quickly returned to her own vehicle.

She couldnt believe that her cousin would embarrass her to such an extent in public, and she blamed Yun Xi for it, vowing that she would get back at Yun Xi sooner or later.

Not long after Jiang Yuwen had left, another vehicle slowly approached the hotel.

The moment the guards noticed the plate number, they quickly approached the car and opened the door.

Yun Xi got out of the car and thanked them.

“Wheres Mr.

Gu” Mu Feichi asked.


Gu is in the reception lounge with a guest who isnt on the guest list,” one of the guards replied.

“Not on the guest list Whos that”

“Weve never seen him before.

He sounded like an overseas Chinese.”

“I see.” Mu Feichi nodded and walked into the hotel with Yun Xi.

When they were in the elevator, Yun Xi turned to look at the man next to her and asked, “If the guest is not on the list and Baifan still invited him in, that means hes someone you are acquainted with, right”

Mu Feichi nodded.

“Theres no way Baifan would allow someone whos not invited in at a time like this.

Well know once we get there.”

The elevator stopped on the first floor.

When the door opened, the two guards outside the reception lounge nodded at Mu Feichi, and one of them gently knocked on the door.

After getting a response from inside, they opened the door for Mu Feichi and Yun Xi.

The moment they stepped into the lounge, Mu Feichi was stunned for a second to see the man sitting on the couch.

However, he quickly regained his composure and led Yun Xi inside.

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